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Vai, Steve


Various Artists - Archives Vol. 4

Year: 2005
Format: CD
Label: Favored Nations
Genre: [Hard Rock/Heavy Metal/Jazz/Instrumental Rock/Orchestral/Opera]
Overall Rating: 8.5
Music: 8.5
Production: 8.5

Fancy your rock with flashy guitar solos, eh? Well, look no further as the latest instalment of Steve Vai's Archives Collection features various contributions Steve Vai has made to other artists' records (including bootlegs and b-sides among others)... hence the title "Various Artists". Above all, this compilation showcases the diversity of Steve Vai's numerous performances... throughout the years he has lent his talent to everything from jazz and orchestral pieces to opera and hard rock (in most cases, they are cross-genre efforts).

Although many remember Steve Vai's Frank Zappa, Alcatrazz and David Lee Roth eras, not a single song from the aforementioned artists is included on this record. However, it isn't that big a deal as most listeners of Steve Vai have already acquired those records in their collection. As regards to Vai's guitar playing, at times it stays in the background but it also tends to aim to the fore.

Although most of the recordings date back to the eighties, the production of this record is rather good... nonetheless, I must admit that some of the high-pitched tones sound a bit harsh (the mix could have been a bit smoother at times). In addition, slight distortion occurs few times (for example, on "Autumn in Nepal"). Anyhow, for the most part, this record has quite balanced sounds.

Overall, Various Artists - Archives Vol. 4 is definitely an interesting addition to every VAIholic's collection. I reckon, this is a must-have record for the fans of VAI, but also others might find it intriguing.

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- MAGE (October 16th, 2005)


- Track 1 -
Coverdale, David: Vocals
Vai, Steve: Guitar
Sarzo, Rudy: Bass
Aldridge, Tommy: Drums
Funderhurk, Tommy: Backing Vocals
Produced by Clink, Mike & Olsen, Keith

- Track 2 -
Produced by Pack, David
Arrangement and Additional Music Segments by Pack, David; Corea, Chick; Paich, David &
Dickson, John
Grieve, Robert: Sound Effects

Vai, Steve: Guitar
Phillips, Simon: Drums
Pena, John: Bass
Paich, David: Synthesizers
Phillinganes, Greg: Synthesizers
Castro, Lenny: Percussion

Corea, Chick: Rhodes & Synth
Weckl, David: Drums
Earl, James: Bass
Gambale, Frank: Guitar
Marienthal, Eric: Sax
Porcaro, Joe: Percussion

- Tracks 3 & 4 -
Produced by Laswell, Bill & Lydon, John

Lydon, John: Vocals
Vai, Steve: Guitar
Skopelitis, Nicky: Guitar
Laswell, Bill: Bass
Baker, Ginger: Drums

- Tracks 5 -
Produced and Arranged by Schwartz, Martin
Mixed by Schwartz, Martin & Levy, Paul
Mastered by Matousek, John

O'Brien, Mike: Cowboys
Harris, Bob: Lead & Background Vocals
Harris, Suzannah: Background Vocals
Schwartz, Martin: Guitars, Cowboys & First Solo
Mihanovic, Jac: Bass
Frazier, Chris: Drums & Percussion
Mars, Tommy: Keyboards & Background Vocals
Reckless Fable (aka Vai, Steve): Long Guitar Solo
Cunningham, Ric: Saxophone

- Tracks 6 -
Vai, Steve: Guitars
Bissonette, Matt: Background Vocals and Bass
Bissonette, Greg: Lead Vocals and Drums

- Tracks 7 -
Orchestrated and Conducted by Mardin, Joe

Vai, Steve: Lead Guitar
Glover, Corey: Vocals
Bullock, Hiram: Guitar
Cox, Billy: Bass
Samuels, Dave: Vibes
Beard, Tony: Drums
The London Metropolitan orchestra

- Tracks 8 -
Orchestrated and Conducted by Mardin, Joe

Vai, Steve: Guitar
Rogers, Paul: Vocals
Williams, Tony: Drums
Daisley, Bob: Bass
The London Metropolitan orchestra

- Tracks 9 -
Harris, Bob: Vocal, Keyboards & Trumpet
Vai, Steve: Guitar
James, Billy: Percussion

- Tracks 10 -
Vai, Steve: Electric Sitar
Harris, Bob: Keyboards and Vocals
Mars, Tommy: Recorder and Blue Moon
James, Billy: Percussion

- Tracks 11 -
Produced by COllins, Peter

Cooper, Alice: Lead Vocals
Vai, Steve: Guitar
Satriani, Joe: Guitar
Burns, Stef: Guitar
Sixx, Nikki: Bass
Curry, Mickey: Drums
Bailey, Robert: Keyboards
Webster, John: Keyboards
British Gang (Richardson, Ian; Coler, Nick & Wilson, Mick): Background Vocals
West Coast Gang (Wood, Terry; Murphy, Shaun; Ball, Sherwood; Cali; Falcone, Gary;
Finnegan, Mike & Bush Stan): Background Vocals

- Tracks 12 -
Produced by Magness, Cliff
Mixed by Buckley, Francis

Vai, Steve: Guitar
Stinson, Lori: Soprano
Magness, Cliff: Keyboards, Guitar, Percussion, Synth Programming
Freese, Josh: Drums

- Tracks 13 -
Lilly: Vocals
Vai, Steve: Everything Else
Producer: Unavailable
Mixing by: Unavailable
Mastering by: Citron, Neil
Vai, Steve - Various Artists - Archives Vol. 4  CD  Cover Image
01. Sweet Lady Luck
02. The Rumble
03. Ease
04. Home
05. Western Vacation
06. Noah's Ark
07. Drifting
08. Bold as Love
09. There's Still Hope
10. Autumn in Nepal
11. Feed My Frankenstein
12. Der Holle Rache (Queen of the Night)
13. Gone

Length: 75:27
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