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Bozzio, Terry


Chamber Works

Year: 2005
Format: CD
Label: Favored Nations
Genre: [Chamber Music/Classical/Symphonic/Instrumental]
Overall Rating: 9.5
Music: 9.5
Production: 9.5

Terry Bozzio's latest effort might surprise those who are only familiar with his most popular works. In fact, this CD lives true to its name "Chamber Works"... it contains five movements and a closing opus. Together with Dutch Metropole Orkest, Bozzio showcases phenomenal musicianship that shouldn't leave anyone cold. Bozzio also consulted Martin Fondse on orchestrating the material.

Various moods are covered within the music - at times listening may be soothing, while tension also tends to build up occasionally. Dramatic changes take place when least expected, and I can guarantee that one discovers new sides of the music with ensuing listens. Towards the end of the record the material progresses, and darker tones are introduced. Especially these gloomier soundscapes appealed to me.

Chamber Works was recorded at MCO Studio 3, Hilversum, Holland in October 2003. With the help of engineer Frank Mathijssen and balance engineer Hugh den Ouden, Terry Bozzio made sure the sounds are precise. Peter Vincent, on the other hand, handled the mastering.

There's no question about it - Chamber Works is a phenomenal recording that showcases one of today's most gifted drummers. It's simply a must-have record for every music fan.

Visit Terry Bozzio's Website

Visit Metropole Orkest's Website

- MAGE (November 27th, 2005)


Bozzio, Terry: Drum Set

Metropole Orkest

Bakker, Dick: Conductor

- First Violins -
Koch, Rami  de Ruiter, Arlia  Koch, Sarah  Koenders, Denis
Dumessie, Linda  Korthals Altes, Erica  Peijnenborgh, David
Kromhout, Erik

- Second Violins -
Rombout, Merijn  Gaasterland-Domski, Lucja  Vierstra, Simone  Kok, Wim
van den Heuvel, Marianne  Koytcheva, Elina  Margarita, Ruben

- Violas -
Honingh, Mieke  Jowett, Julia  Jansen, Norman  Schut, Iris  Pacey, Prunella

- Celli -
Grin, Wim  Tangberg, Annie  Cortazar, Kepa Diego

- Basses -
Winkelmann, Erik  Liefkes, Arend  Baas, Peter

- Flutes -
Abbas, Janine  van den Bos, Mariel

Luyt, Willem: Hobo

- Saxophones/Clarinets -
Scholten, Marc  May, Christoph  Janssen, Leo  Beeren, Jos  Boeree, Max

Timmermans, Wim: French Horns

- Trumpets -
Both, Wim  Hollander, Jan  Heijink, Henk  de Gouw, Toon

- Trombones -
van Lier, Bart  Fink, Hans Jurg  Elsink, Jan  van den Berg, Martin

Tiehuis, Peter: Guitar
Meischke, Wilbrand: Bass Guitar

- Percussion -
Koopman, Eddy  Jiskoot, Murk

van Nieuwenhuize, Arno: Drums
Vroomans, Hans: Piano/Keyboards
de Ruiter-Verwoerdt, Rosetty: Harp
Producer: Bozzio, Terry
Mixing by: Mathijssen, Frank & den Ouden, Hugh
Mastering by: Vincent, Peter
Bozzio, Terry - Chamber Works  CD  Cover Image
Five Movements for Drum Set and Orchestra
01. Temenos
02. Hypnotic
03. Untitled
04. Moguli
05. IBO
Opus One: Self Portrait with Scar
06. Opus 1

Length: 52:32
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