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Iron Savior


Battering Ram (Ltd. Edition)

Year: 2004
Format: CD
Label: Noise
Genre: [Melodic Power Metal]
Overall Rating: 8.0
Music: 8.0
Production: 8.0

There was a time when I was into Power Metal... Needless to say, back then I listened a lot of Iron Savior. This album is the second Iron Savior album without Kai Hansen (overall this is their fifth album). Nothing has changed since the earlier albums songs are quite good. Iron Savior has continued in the same old vein if you've liked older Iron Savior albums, you'll probably like this new one as well.

For those new to Iron Savior, they play Melodic Power Metal with catchy hooks and riffs. What I like about Iron Savior is that they stay true to their own style (you'll immediately know when you hear an Iron Savior song). Piet Sielck has powerful voice, which suits the style very well. I'd suggest you to check them out if you're a fan of power metal (and haven't heard of them before).

Production on this album is pretty solid... not too much to complain. There's occasional distortion on guitar solos, which is the result of mastering them too loud. Sielck should learn that it isn't essential to master music to the limits in order to get power. Other than that, he has done quite a good job.

Iron Savior has also stayed true to their song structure - when (approximately) two thirds of the song has passed you'll hear the obligatory guitar solo. I noticed this on the first two Iron Savior albums and they've continued in the same manner ever since. This is actually one of Iron Savior's biggest flaws (their songs start to repeat themselves). When you have listened every Iron Savior album, you know that they haven't developed much since their first albums.

Overall this album is good power metal album. It isn't revolutionary (it doesn't offer anything new), but it's still a record worth listening if you're fan of Iron Savior (or the genre).

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- MAGE (23.07.2004)


Nack, Thomas: Drums and Percussion
Leonhardt, Yenz: Bass and Backing Vocals
Kstner, Joachim "Piesel": Guitars and Backing Vocals
Sielck, Piet: Guitars and Lead Vocals

Special Guest:
Christian, Martin (Paragon): Lead Guitar on Wings of Deliverance
Producer: Sielck, Piet
Mixing by: Sielck, Piet
Mastering by: Sielck, Piet
Iron Savior - Battering Ram (Ltd. Edition)  CD  Cover Image
01. Battering Ram
02. Stand Against the King
03. Tyranny of Steel
04. Time Will Tell
05. Wings of Deliverance
06. Break the Curse
07. Riding Free
08. Starchaser
09. Machine World
10. H.M. Powered Man
11. The Call (Bonus Track)
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