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Santana, Carlos


All That I Am

Year: 2005
Format: CD
Label: Arista
Genre: [Latin Rock/Blues/Pop/Jazz/Soul/Rap]
Overall Rating: 8.0
Music: 8.0
Production: 8.5

Carlos Santana is an artist in need of no introduction... throughout the sixties he established himself as one of the leading guitar virtuosos with his recognisable latin-influenced guitar playing. What truly makes Carlos Santana an exceptional musician is the fact he's constantly evolving. On his recent records many of today's pop artists have been featured.

As well it might, "All That I Am" contains Latin-infused rock blended with today's popular genres. Featured guest artists include Steven Tyler, Mary J. Blige, Michelle Branch, Sean Paul, Big Boi, Bo Bice among others. Time certainly passes quickly while listening to this album, as the material is nicely varying throughout the whole record.

All That I Am was produced by Clive Davis and Carlos Santana himself. The sounds are both warm and transparent, and there isn't much to complain about. On the whole, Santana has once again come up with a good record that will definitely find its way to people's record collections.

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- MAGE (November 28th, 2005)


Santana, Carlos: Acoustic Guitar, Lead Guitar, Percussion, Vocals on Tracks 1 & 2,
Background Vocals on Track 13
Thompson, Chester: Organ on All Tracks except "Twisted" and "Da Tu Amor", Keyboard
on "Da Tu Amor", Vocals on "Hermes"
Rekow, Raul: Congas on Tracks 1, 2, 3, 11 & 13, Vocals on "Hermes"
Perazzo, Karl: Congas, Timbales & Percussion on All Tracks, Vocals on "Con Santana"
and Djembe on "Trinity", Vocals on "Hermes", Background Vocals on Tracks 2 & 13
Rietveld, Benny: Bass on Tracks 1, 2, 3, 6, 9 & 13
Chambers, Dennis: Drums on Tracks 1, 2, 6, 9
Cressman, Jeff: Trombone on Tracks 1, 7 & 13
Ortiz, Bill: Trumpet on Tracks 1, 7 & 13
Maulen-Santana, Rebeca: Keyboard on "El Fuego"
Aronoff, Kenny: Drums on "I'm Feeling You"
Muhoberac, Jamie: Keyboards & Piano on Tracks 3 & 5
Shanks, John: Acoustic & Electric Guitars on Tracks 3 & 5 and Bass on "Just Feel Better"
Killings, Debra: Bass on "My Man"
Brown, Terrence: Keyboard on "My Man"
Marshall, Dan "Thunda": Guitar on "My Man"
Kala, Rajinder: Percussion on "My Man"
Aldridge, Justin: Percussion on "My Man"
Rothschild, Jeff: Drums on "Just Feel Better"
Pajon, George Jr.: Guitar on "I Am Somebody"
Stagnaro, Ramon: Tres, Quatro, Tiple & Acoustic Guitar on Tracks 6 & 10
Stout, David: Trombone on "I Am Somebody"
Kim, Harry: Trumpet on "I Am Somebody"
Pozzi, Dave: Sax on "I Am Somebody"
Diouf, Moussa: Piano & Bass on "Con Santana"
Fulwood, Preston: Organ on "Twisted"
Abularach, Gabriel: Bass, Rhythm Guitar & Additional Keyboards on "Twisted"
Ross, Dante: Keyboard on "Twisted"
Hammett, Kirk: Lead Guitar on "Trinity"
Randolph, Robert: Pedal Steel Guitar on "Trinity"
Mendez, Lester: Keyboard on Tracks 10 & 11
Bishara, Charlie: Violin and Viola on "Cry Baby Cry"
Channey, Chris: Bass on "Brown Skin Girl"
Laboriel, Abe Jr.: Drums on "Brown Skin Girl"
Pierce, Tim: Rhythm Guitar on "Brown Skin Girl"
Garza, Henry: Guitar & Lead Vocals on "I Don't Wanna Lose Your Love"
Garza, JoJo: Bass & Vocals on "I Don't Wanna Lose Your Love"
Garza, Ringo: Drums on "I Don't Wanna Lose Your Love"
Vargas, Andy: Vocals on Tracks 1 & 2, Lead Vocals on Track 7 & 13
Branch, Michelle: Lead Vocals on "I'm Feeling You"
Harp, Jessica: Background Vocals on "I'm Feeling You"
Blige, Mary J.: Lead Vocals on "My Man"
Big Boi: Lead Vocals on "My Man"
Sleepy Brown: Additional Vocals on "My Man"
Tyler, Steven: Lead Vocals on "Just Feel Better"
will.i.am: Lead Vocals & Keyboard on "I Am Somebody"
Hamilton, Anthony: Lead Vocals on "Twisted"
Paul, Sean: Lead Vocals on "Cry Baby Cry"
Stone, Joss: Lead Vocals on "Cry Baby Cry"
DioGuardi, Kara: Background Vocals on "Cry Baby Cry"
Bice, Bo: Lead Vocals on "Brown Skin Girl"
Producer: Davis, Clive & Santana, Carlos
Mixing by: Boris, Milan; Gaines, Jim; Rothschild, Jeff; Shanks, John; Ghenea, Serban & Marroquin, Manny
Mastering by: Jensen, Ted
Santana, Carlos - All That I Am  CD  Cover Image
01. Hermes
02. El Fuego
03. I'm Feeling You
04. My Man
05. Just Feel Better
06. I Am Somebody
07. Con Santana
08. Twisted
09. Trinity
10. Cry Baby Cry
11. Brown Skin Girl
12. I Don't Wanna Lose Your Love
13. Da Tu Amor

Length: 54:34
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