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Live in Tokyo

Year: 2005
Format: DVD
Label: EPIC
Genre: [Guitar-oriented Instrumental Rock]
Overall Rating: 9.0
Music: 9.0
Production: 9.0

G3, the brainchild of Joe Satriani, is a unique touring line-up that features three guitar virtuosos. This year's G3 line-up featured John Petrucci as the performing guest artist along with Steve Vai and Joe Satriani. Actually Petrucci has been a part of G3 earlier in 2001, but back then he yet hadn't released his solo album "Suspended Animation". As with the previous G3 live DVDs, Live in Tokyo will also be a real treat for the fans of guitar music - so prepare yourself for a ride.

Petrucci takes the stage first, and astounishes the listener right away... in case you've heard his solo record, you know both "Glasgow Kiss" and "Damage Control" are great songs. What particularly impressed me on Petrucci's performance is his all-roundness and ability to play spot-on. The second guitarist to enchant you is no other than Steve Vai whose singing guitar leads and overall guitar extravaganza will most likely astound you. The last performer is the man behind all this, Joe Satriani. Satch has perhaps the most versatile set list, but he only draws one of his songs out with sensible expression... on War his energetic rendition is really shining and the extended ending just crowns his performance. After watching the concert it should become clear why all of these guitarists are regarded as virtuosos in their field. Each six-stringer has his own recognisable style, and this becomes especially apparent on the jam section of the gig.

The productional quality of this DVD is rather good. Especially the sound is of high precision. The video, on the other hand, gets slightly blurred (not too often, though). For the most part, the picture is sharp and clear although one can't speak of high-definition. Well, the sonic offering is the most important factor on this kind of release and on that department there's nothing to complain about.

G3 Live in Tokyo is perhaps the best G3 DVD released so far. I warmly recommend it to all the guitar heads out there.

Visit Joe Satriani's Website

Visit Steve Vai's Website

Visit John Petrucci's Website

- MAGE (November 28th, 2005)


Satriani, Joe: Guitar
Bissonnette, Matt: Bass
Campitelli, Jeff: Drums
Henson, Galen: Rhythm Guitar

Vai, Steve: Guitar, Vocals
Sheehan, Billy: Bass
MacAlpine, Tony: Guitar, Keyboards
Weiner, Dave: Rhythm Guitar
Colson, Jeremy: Drums

Petrucci, John: Guitar
Portnoy, Mike: Drums
LaRue, Dave: Bass
Producer: Satriani, Joe; Vai, Steve; Petrucci, John; Brigden, Mick & Karmi, A. Karim
Mixing by: Fraser, Mike
Mastering by: Unavailable
G3 - Live in Tokyo  DVD  Cover Image
01. Glasgow Kiss by John Petrucci
02. Damage Control by John Petrucci
03. The Audience is Listening by Steve Vai
04. Building the Church by Steve Vai
05. K'm-Pee-Du-Wee by Steve Vai
06. Up in Flames by Joe Satriani
07. Searching by Joe Satriani
08. War by Joe Satriani
09. Foxey Lady (the G3 Jam)
10. La Grange (the G3 Jam)
11. Smoke on the Water (the G3 Jam)

Length: 93:34

12. G3 Soundcheck   [15:01] 
     with commentary by
       Joe Satriani
       Steve Vai
       John Petrucci
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