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Munching the Rotten

Year: 2005
Format: CD
Label: Neurotic
Genre: [Brutal Death Metal]
Overall Rating: 6.0
Music: 5.0
Production: 7.5

When a band is named "Arsebreed", you just know you've got a quality record on your hands, right? Especially knowing that they were previously called Bloodcum, just assures you even more... well, I guess the group wants to raise attention by their unconventional name. Anyway, this group was originally formed back in 2000, but soon broke up in 2002 despite of their quite promising start. However, the band reformed in 2004 with two original members left, and the rest is history... Munching the Rotten is Arsebreed's debut record, and it features technical, brutal death metal.

It's unfortunate that the group tends to get repetitive on their songs. Some of their songs show they have potential to do better... such songs are "Ripping Chainsaw Orgasm" and "Stabbed in the Arse" both of which have rather nice grooves to them. Fortunately one thing saved the otherwise rather boring listening experience... the group had included a making of video... watching this video was great entertainment, and above all, it showcased the group's talented drummer Floris (Mangled). I really hope this video is included on the retail version as well, since it certainly didn't lack attitude.

The album has been partially recorded at Studio Excess (Disfigurement, Prostitute, Severe Torture), and the sounds are mainly to the point. Naturally the vocals were recorded in an apartment, so the neighbours had an opportunity to hear death metal singing for free ;) If brutal death metal takes yours fancy, give Arsebreed a listen... you never know, you may become a Arsebreed fan.

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- MAGE (February 1st, 2006)


Daniel: Guitars
Pranger: Lead Guitars
Joey: Vocals
Floris: Drums
K, Robbe: Vocals
Rizzo: Bass
Producer: Unavailable
Mixing by: Unavailable
Mastering by: Unavailable
Arsebreed - Munching the Rotten  CD  Cover Image
01. Fistfit Stretched Third Eye
02. Vaginal Butchery
03. Bloody Posttraumatic Ejaculation
04. Impregnated While Giving Birth
05. Ripping Chainsaw Orgasm
06. Munching the Rotten
07. Stabbed in the Arse
08. Rectal Vomit
09. Anal Cum
10. Vomit Heaps of Flesh
11. Chopped in Excrements
12. Making of...

Length: 33:17 + the video
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