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Rocket Ride

Year: 2006
Format: CD
Label: Nuclear Blast
Genre: [Power Metal/Hard Rock]
Overall Rating: 7.0
Music: 7.0
Production: 7.5

I still remember the day when I discovered Edguy's music... it was their "Savage Poetry" album that got me immediately hooked. Naturally, I've listened to their whole discography now and to my disappointment their latest offering just doesn't live up to my expectations. Although the band's music is now a lot more diverse than before, something just doesn't feel right. It feels as if the Edguy I know doesn't exist anymore... the music that used to have balls, is now castrated.

Fortunately enough, Rocket Ride has some good moments which make it worth listening... Tobias Sammet's voice is still unique and recognisable, and above all engaging to listen to. The album starts with "Sacrifice", which is quite a promising track. Unfortunately, the bland hard rock title track ruins the feeling (despite it being fairly good song), and thenceforth the band only manages to arouse the listener's attention occasionally. For example, the screaming-to-a-guitar-pickup solo on "Return to the Tribe" can not be missed.

The production on this album is fairly good... there's not much to complain about it (except for the drums, which seem to lack power). In any event, I wish Nuclear Blast could leave out the voiceovers on these promotional releases someday. It isn't nice to hear "You're listening to the new Edguy album, Rocket Ride" every once in a while, while you're trying to listen observantly.

Overall, Edguy's new album is just a decent power metal record. For some fans it may be worth buying, but I would choose quite a few records over it.

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- MAGE (February 5th, 2006)


Sauer, Dirk: Rhythm and Lead Guitar
Ludwig, Jens: Lead- and Rhythm Guitar
Sammet, Tobias: Vocals
Exxel, Tobias "Eggi": Bass
Bohnke, Felix: Drums
Producer: Paeth, Sascha
Mixing by: Unavailable
Mastering by: Unavailable
Edguy - Rocket Ride  CD  Cover Image
01. Sacrifice
02. Rocket Ride
03. Wasted Time
04. Matrix
05. Return to the Tribe
06. The Asylum
07. Save Me
08. Catch of the Century
09. Out of Vogue
10. Superheroes
11. Trinidad
12. Fucking with Fire (exclusive worldwide compact disc
bonus track for unlimited AND limited edition ONLY :)

Length: 60:10
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