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Wake Pig [Re-release]

Year: 2006
Format: CD
Label: Metal Blade
Genre: [Progressive Rock/Metal/Experimental]
Overall Rating: 8.5
Music: 8.5
Production: 8.5

Now that 3 landed a record deal with Metal Blade, their previous album "Wake Pig" (originally released in 2004) sees its re-release. However, the album isn't exactly the same as it features new artwork along with lyrics. In addition, there are two new songs and a couple of remixes.

Musically 3 is quite an extraordinary group - so describing their music is fairly challenging to say the least. First imagine a nice pop melody, then break the structure into a building crescendo of delirious riff accompanied vocal lines... when you least expect it, everything falls into place again and you'll hear those beautiful melody-filled sections everyone loves so much. Of course there's still a lot more to their music - for example, the expressive drums and assertive basslines back the atmosphere, while the expression of acoustic guitar parts varies from tender sentimentality to brisk fretboard battering. I definitely recommend you to give this record a listen, since words don't do justice to the depth of its soundscape. What's also worth noting about 3 is Joey Eppard's (vocalist) distinctive, rather limpid voice. It gives the music a flavour slightly reminiscent of the former Fates Warning singer John Arch.

Also production of this record deserves thanks... the sounds suit the genre well, and there isn't much to point my finger at. Overall, 3's "Wake Pig" is an ordinary work of art that really deserves attention... if creative progressive metal might be your cup of tea, be sure to take a sip of Wake Pig.

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- MAGE (February 5th, 2006)


Eppard, Joey: Vocals, Acoustic and Electric Guitars
Gartmann, Chris: Drums and Backing Vocals
Riker, Billy: Guitars, Strange Effects
Stote, Joe: Percussion, Keyboards
Grimsland, Daniel: Bass
Producer: Unavailable
Mixing by: Unavailable
Mastering by: Unavailable
3 - Wake Pig [Re-release]  CD  Cover Image
01. Alien Angel
02. Monster
03. Dregs
04. Wake Pig
05. Bramfatura
06. Trust
07. Dogs of War
08. Soul to Sell
09. One Way Town
10. Queen
11. Circus Without Clowns
12. Where's Max
13. Amaze Disgrace

Length: 57:29
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