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Salem Hill


Mimi's Magic Moment

Year: 2005
Format: CD
Label: ProgRock
Genre: [Progressive Rock]
Overall Rating: 9.0
Music: 9.0
Production: 9.0

Surprisingly Salem Hill decided against a concept album on their latest record "Mimi's Magic Moment". Since the group's latest efforts have been theme-based albums, the band decided in favour of telling the stories within single, yet epic, songs this time around. As well it might, the band has once again created a memorable record.

The three story-pieces on this record span 15 to 21 minutes. In addition to those amazing, epic songs, Salem Hill's throws in "All Fall Down", a witty commentary on a certain pop star. The album has been crafted in traditional Salem Hill fashion, meaning it contains strong melodic passages, some proggimmickry along with engaging vocal sections.

Mimi's Magic Moment was recorded between December 2004 and September 2005 at England Recording Studios. Salem Hill handled the production and mixing by themselves, but the mastering task was handed to England Mastering Lab. The resulting sound recording is a balanced one, and on overall it's a very impressive piece of work.

This album is simply awesome record - each song is great, and what's most stunning is the band still manages to both enthral and surprise the listener with their music. A must-buy for Hillionaires, and highly recommend to all progrock enthusiastics.

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- MAGE (February 20th, 2006)


Thomas, Kevin: Vocals, Drums, Acoustic & Electric Mallets
Henry, Patrick: Vocals, 4 & 12 String Basses
Groves, Carl: Vocals, Guitars, Piano & Keys
Dearing, Michael: Vocals, Guitars, Here & There Keys

Special Guests (in order of their appearance)
Ragsdale, David: Violin on "The Joy Gem" & "Stolen by Ghosts"
Morse, Neal: Vocals on "The Joy Gem"
Hendrix, Alyssa: Vocals on "The Joy Gem" & "The Future Me"
Eacho, Jeff: Flute on "All Fall Down"
Schendel, Fred: Piano Solo in "The Future Me"
George, Randy: Guitar, Keys on the Phantom Lost Mimi Track, "Implicate Disorder"
Producer: Groves, Carl & Salem Hill
Mixing by: Salem Hill
Mastering by: England Mastering Lab
Salem Hill - Mimi's Magic Moment  CD  Cover Image
01. The Joy Gem
02. All Fall Down
03. Stolen by Ghosts
04. The Future Me

Length: 62:40
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