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Little Atlas


Surface Serene

Year: 2002
Format: CD
Label: ProgRock
Genre: [Progressive Rock]
Overall Rating: 8.5
Music: 8.0
Production: 9.0

Miami-based Little Atlas has made an debut album called Surface Serene, which is "about psychotherapy and psychoanalysis... It's about really understanding deep motivations and why people do what they do". That's how Steve Katsikas described it. I didn't know what to expect when I inserted this CD in my player for the first time... I was thrilled to hear it and the first thing that came into my mind was 'melodic prog'. Lyrics are quite witty (actually I've thought that psychology would be good subject for a concept album).

Songs on Surface Serene are quite usual melodic progressive rock... they don't offer anything revolutionary to the genre, but they're still quite good (I can't name a similar artist, so they must be original to some extent). Also the sounds are in place, they suit the style well... Unfortunately Little Atlas relapses into gimmickry once in a while (so common among progbands). Fortunately it doesn't disrupt the listening experience too much.

As this album doesn't offer too much originality — it's a little bit similar to Yes, Kansas (also Proto-Kaw) and early Genesis — it's quite a safe choice for a progressive rock fan. There's everything from beautiful piano & orchestral arrangements to more straightforward rock songs (even in the same song). Surface Serene sails on safe waters, so to speak (it's a classic progrock album).

Production on this album is done quite well — there's not much to complain... Overall this album is good progressive rock album. Without the extensive gimmickry it would be even better. Check out the samples at ProgRock Records' website to form your own opinion about them. By the way, Little Atlas is working on a new album, which will also be an enhanced CD (includes a live video). While waiting for the new CD, Surface Serene is good entertainment.

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- MAGE (26.07.2004)

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Katsikas, Steve: Vocals, Keyboards And Acoustic Guitar
Bigai, Rik: Bass And Additional Keyboards
Pocovi, Diego: Drums And Percussion
Strattman, Roy: Electric And Acoustic Guitar
Katsikas, Joanna: Backing Vocals

Addition Musicians:
Leamon, Scott: Rhythm Guitar on Track 11
Vazquez, Tom: Drums on Tracks 2-11
Producer: Katsikas, Steve & Bigai, Rik
Mixing by: Katsikas, Steve & Bigai, Rik
Mastering by: Fernández, Daniel & Bigai, Rik
Little Atlas - Surface Serene  CD  Cover Image
01. Faceless
02. Surface Serene
03. Can I Find it
04. Changeover
05. Dance
06. Honesty
07. Salmon Song
08. Momentary Thread
09. Collapsing
10. Glacier
11. Shine (Bonus Track)
12. Enhanced CD: Making of Surface Serene
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