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Kristine, Liv


Enter My Religion

Year: 2006
Format: CD
Label: RoadRunner
Genre: [Pop/Rock]
Overall Rating: 8.0
Music: 8.0
Production: 8.0

The former Theatre of Tragedy frontwoman Liv Kristine Espenćs has taken a step further from her roots by getting into even more commercial style of music. Her latest solo record "Enter My Religion" is a true pop album. There are no traces of metal left anymore, and one can't quite categorize this under rock music either. Nonetheless, if one can get past that there's fairly good material here for one to experience.

For a pop album, the song material on Kristine's Enter My Religion is quite diverse. The quality of songs is rather steady throughout the whole album, and there's not much to criticize... even the cover of Bruce Springsteen's Streets of Philadelphia has been done successfully. What's most remarkable about this album is the fact that there's definite feeling coming across the vocal recordings...

Not surprisingly, Kristine's husband Alexander Krull handled the production on this record. Krull has handled his job rather well, as the sounds are fairly atmospheric and emotionate. All in all, Enter My Religion is a good pop record. Be sure to give it a listen. By the way, if you get a change to check out "Enter My Religion“ Tour, be sure to do so... Kristine has a special guest, namely Devon Graves (DEAD SOUL TRIBE/ex-PSYCHOTIC WALTZ), who will perform unique acoustic-set as the support-act on this forthcoming tour. Furthermore, Graves will actually join her every day for a duet on "3AM".

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- MAGE (March 20th, 2006)

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Kristine, Liv: Vocals
Producer: Krull, Alexander
Mixing by: Krull, Alexander
Mastering by: Krull, Alexander
Kristine, Liv - Enter My Religion  CD  Cover Image
01. Over the Moon
02. Fake a Smile
03. All the Time in the World
04. My Revelation
05. Coming Home
06. Trapped in Your Labyrinth
07. Blue Emptiness
08. You Are the Night
09. Enter My Religion
10. Streets of Philadelphia
11. You Take Me Higher
12. For a Moment

Length: 45:05
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