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Pauly, Henning


Credit Where Credit Is Due

Year: 2005
Format: CD
Label: ProgRock
Genre: [Modern Metal]
Overall Rating: 7.0
Music: 7.0
Production: 8.0

As some of you may know Pauly had some disagreements with Bach regarding the credits on the last Frameshift album... well, to me it seems that Pauly has now literally recorded his statements in the form of songs appearing on his new solo album "Credit Where Credit Is Due". Even the album title is a statement on its own. I won't thrash out their disagreement anymore... instead I'll concentrate on what's important here - the music.

One can't deny Pauly's composing talent, especially after listening the latest Frameshift album. Nonetheless, Credit Where Credit Is Due doesn't quite manage to deliver all the time. The record does have some great moments, but in all entirety it isn't as good as I expected... sadly it's run-of-the-mill in some parts. However, Juan Roos (Transmission) was definitely the right choice for the material - he delivers sheer emotion to the tracks.

The production on this record is quite good although it lacks some warmth, and the sound is slightly sterile at times. Surprisingly enough the songs are fairly catchy and keep springing up on one's mind after a while. If only Pauly would have given this record few weeks more, it could have turned out to be a real winner.

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- MAGE (April 1st, 2006)

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Roos, Juan: Vocals
Pauly, Henning: Acoustic and Electric Guitars, Banjo, Bass, Eddie Marvin, Piano,
Rhodes, Synthesizers, Programming
Cash, Matt: Additional Vocals on "Cure the Breach" and "German Metalhead"

Choir on "ScheiBlautundhartwiedreck", "©opyright Conspiracy" and "I Like My Video Games"
Gordon, Shawn   Roos, Juan   Cash, Matt   Oyler, Karen   LeSchinsky, Christy
Producer: Pauly, Henning
Mixing by: Pauly, Henning
Mastering by: Pauly, Henning
Pauly, Henning - Credit Where Credit Is Due  CD  Cover Image
01. Your Mother Is a Trucker
02. Cure the Breach
03. Three
04. ScheiBlautundhartwiedreck
05. I Don't Wanna Be a Star
06. Six
07. Seven
08. Radio Sucks
09. Halo
10. ©opyright Conspiracy
11. German Metalhead
12. I Like My Video Games
13. Bonusdreck (Hessisch Wörschn Ohnlie!)

Length: 79:59
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