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Project Creation


Floating World

Year: 2005
Format: CD
Label: ProgRock
Genre: [Progressive Rock]
Overall Rating: 7.0
Music: 6.5
Production: 8.0

Project Creation is the latest undertaking of multi-instrumentalist Hugo Flores. The scope of this project is quite awe-inspiring, as Floating World is merely the first part of a bigger puzzle. Nonetheless, it's a concept album in its own right. I won't shed light on the plot, instead I'll leave it for you to figure out.

Musically Project Creation is adventurous atmospheric progressive rock group. Unfortunately, the material is surprisingly divaricate quality-wise. For the most part, this album is really enjoyable, but there are less felicitous sections at times. In addition, the album would have benefitted from a bit more gripping composing style - one truly has to submerge oneself in listening this album to make the listening experience rewarding. Moreover, Floating World is rather wearisome album to digest in full... after all, the album contains intricate music for over 71 minutes.

Production on this album has been handled quite well. Flores himself mixed the material, but Henning Pauly made the master. Regardless, as a guitarist I pay a lot of attention on guitar tone, which could have been better on this record. Overall, Project Creation's Floating World is an adequate progrock album with its moments. Some listeners of the genre will surely find it worth checking out, but I recommend giving it a listen or two at Mindawn first.

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- MAGE (April 18th, 2006)


Flores, Hugo: Vocals, Electric and Acoustic Guitars, Bass, Synthesizers,
Additional Drum Arrangements, "Berimbau", Percussion, Sitar, 12 String Guitar
and other Line 6's Variax Tones and a few Yamaha DB50XG "Old Instruments" on
Tiago "Linx": Vocals
Reis, Alda: Vocals
Patricio, Vasco: Guitar Solos and/or Melodies on Tracks 1, 6, 7, 12 & 14
Chagas, Paulo: Saxophone, Flutes
Bateras, Carlos: Acoustic Drums on Tracks 1, 6, 12 & 13
Lessning, Fred: Baroque Recorder on "Mechanical Dragonflies", Chimes
Silva, Nuno: Cello, Bass on Tracls 5, 7 & 12
Vasconcelos, Allen: Acoustic Guitar on "First Species"
Mateus, Carlos: Additional Lyrics on "Returning Home - Immortality" Sub-section
Producer: Flores, Hugo & ProgRock Records
Mixing by: Flores, Hugo
Mastering by: Pauly, Henning
Project Creation
 - Floating World  CD  Cover Image
01. The Floating World
02. Living Under a Blue Sky
03. The Desert Planet
04. The Civilization
05. Mechanical Dragonflies
06. Arriving
07. Warming Up the Machines
08. Artificial Satellite
09. Intervening
10. Creating Atmosphere
11. First Species
12. The Shining Planet
13. Cheops
14. Returning Home

Length: 71:45
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