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Inside the Atmosphere

Year: 2003
Format: CD
Label: ProgRock
Genre: [Progressive Metal]
Overall Rating: 8.5
Music: 8.5
Production: 9.0

Inside the Atmosphere is the debut release of AtmOsfear (a band that was already put up in autumn of 1996). They have played with highly reputated bands like Poverty´s No Crime, Charisma (Ivanhoe), Vanden Plas, Pain Of Salvation, Zero Hour, Freak Kitchen, Evergrey, Bumblefoot, Sun Caged, Loch Vostock etc. That should prove something about their proficiency in music... Stylistically they're close to Dream Theater, Balance of Power, Vanden Plas, Evergrey, Shadow Gallery and most of the progmetal/rock bands out there... Needless to say, they play Progressive Metal and I believe most progmetal fans will like their music.

Songs are somewhat versatile — they contain straightforward metal parts, intricate melodic passages and everything in between. Unfortunately also AtmOsfear relapses into gimmickry every now and then... Luckily they do it quite seldom. The song material on this album is quite strong, on the grounds of songs you won't believe this is a debut album... The heavy version of Eleanor Rigby is quite entertaining and refreshing, but I still prefer Peter Tägtgren's version (which can be found on Pain's Nothing Remains the Same).

Production on this album is very good... I haven't heard any other album mixed or mastered by Jens Lück, but it seems like he knows his job. The sounds are tight and fitting (which is ideal for heavier albums). Still, the mix isn't perfect (it comes down to personal preference).

Re-listening value of this album is also good, as I've already listened this album 5 times and I'm still not bored with it. Although AtmOsfear isn't the most original band out there (they sound like a mixture of different progmetal bands), they're still able to create something new. Samples of this album can be found at ProgRock Records' website. Check them out and see if AtmOsfear is for you.

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- MAGE (28.07.2004)

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Wulff, Oliver: Voices
Stepanow, Boris: Guitars
Kruse, Stephan: Keyboards
Heberle, Burkhart: Bass
Sorgenfrei, Olaf: Drums
Producer: Lück, Jens
Mixing by: Lück, Jens
Mastering by: Lück, Jens
AtmOsfear - Inside the Atmosphere  CD  Cover Image
01. Inside the Atmosphere
02. Circumcision
03. A Cry of Dismay
04. Mysterious
05. Feardrops
06. Patience
07. Thinking Progressive
08. Eleanor Rigby
09. Zephaniah
10. There is Love at the End
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