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Cryptic Vision


Live at ROSFest 2005

Year: 2005
Format: CD
Label: ProgRock
Genre: [Progressive Rock]
Overall Rating: 7.5
Music: 7.5
Production: 7.5

Cryptic Vision is one of those groups that has the talent to compose amazing material, but for some reason they manage to ruin the crescendo they're achieving with their art. I remember enjoying their debut album quite a lot, though it had some not-so-fortuitous proggimmickry every now and then. Now after giving their live album few spins, I have to admit that some of their magic has faded away. Regardless, this group is really talented and they have no trouble performing their intricate songs live.

One may wonder why a group releases a live record following only their debut album... it may be, 'cause Cryptic Vision has such a good debut album, and they don't perform live that often. Actually most of the audience at the Rites of Spring festival were probably surprised by Cryptic Vision's compelling live set, since they hadn't heard of the group before. In addition to the songs taken from Moments of Clarity, Cryptic Vision performed a progmedley consisting of their favourites from such artists as Spock's Beard, Yes, Kansas, Dream Theater, Genesis, and ELP. Also a keyboard solo and a new song "In a World" were played at ROSFest. The latter is actually really captivating performance, and is also featured as a studio demo on this record. In case your interest is piqued, I must tell you that In a World is an awesome progepic clocking over sixteen minutes, and it's perhaps one of the biggest reasons justifying the buying of this record (apart from the great musicianship found on this live recording).

Production on Live at ROSFest 2005 is fairly good. However, some synth sounds could have been perhaps warmer, and especially the distortion on the keyboard solo was somewhat unpleasant. Nevertheless, the sounds are rather good for a live record. Overall, Cryptic Vision's Live at ROSFest 2005 is a good progrock record, though it could have a bit less proggimmickry (being a live record, it contains more gimmickry than their studio release).

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- MAGE (June 1st, 2006)


Plant, Todd: Vocals, Guitar, Keyboards
Zahner, John: Keyboards, Vocals
Duncan, Rick: Drums
Conable, Sam: Bass, Vocals
Keese, Timothy: Guitar, Vocals

LaMagna, Steve: Featured on Track 9
Producer: Unavailable
Mixing by: Unavailable
Mastering by: Unavailable
Cryptic Vision - Live at ROSFest 2005  CD  Cover Image
01. Introspective...
    Grand Design
02. In a World
03. Ascension
04. Keyboard Solo
05. Shock Value
06. The Progledy (Medley consisting of)
    a. The Water
    b. Your's Is No Disgrace
    c. Song for America
    d. Erotomania
    e. Turn It on
    f. Karn Evil 9
07. In a World (Studio Demo - Bonus Track)

Length: 72:53
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