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Gillan, Ian


Gillan's Inn

Year: 2006
Format: CD+DVD
Label: Immergent/Playground
Genre: [Hard Rock]
Overall Rating: 8.0
Music: 8.0
Production: 8.0

The noted singer Ian Gillan is without a doubt one of the most distinguished rock vocalists in the world. During his career he has sung in many legendary rock groups, one being of course Deep Purple with whom he's done eleven albums. Though Gillan is most known for his work with Deep Purple, he's also sung in various other well known bands (take Black Sabbath for example).

Simply titled as Gillan's Inn, Ian Gillan's new record is basically a celebration album for the 40th anniversary of his music career. Though there are some really good songs on this album the quality of material is still quite varying. While some tracks deliver extremely well, not all the material manages to impress me (at least, not wholeheartedly). For example, "Unchain Your Brain" is quite mediocre track, even though it features legendary axeslinger Joe satriani whose guitar solos are impeccable. On the other hand, the second track is really good, and actually one of my favourites on this record. It has got some sheer power in it, and really cool vocal lines. Another great moment on this album is the guitar solo performed by Jeff Healey on "When a Blind Man Cries" (Healey is without a doubt one of the best blind guitarists in the world).

Production on this dualdisc has been handled fairly well. The sounds are both warm and well balanced. Nonetheless, it would have been great to have the whole album featured as live-in-studio on the DVD side of this disc instead of just showing some pictures (slideshow). Regardless, there is actually some behind-the-scene studio footage on this release as well - it can be found on "Brick by Brick" which is just great added extra feature. As a musician myself I've always enjoyed seeing some studio footage, and on Gillan's Inn the studio magic has been captured well. In addition to great musicianship you'll see how "Fanny Craddock Lays Down Her Rhythm Parts" ;) All in all, the DVD side is what really makes this release worth buying and checking out. In case you're a Purple fan, you should really give Ian Gillan's 40th anniversary record a listen.

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- MAGE (June 7th, 2006)


Gillan, Ian: Vocals

Satriani, Joe: Lead Guitar
Lee Jackson, Michael: Rhythm/Lead/Backward Guitar
Airey, Don: Keyboards
Appleby, Rodney: Bass
Lee, Michael: Drums
Roth, Uli Jon: Guitar Fills & Lead Guitar
Howard, Dean: Lead Guitar/Bridge Guitars
Dio, Ronnie James: Harmony Vocals
Morse, Steve: Lead Guitar
Rzeznik, Johnny: Guitar
Healey, Jeff: Lead Guitar
Z, Tommy: Additional Rhythm Guitar Accents
Lord, Jon: Hammond Organ
Popadiuk, Vasyl: Violin
Wilson, Howard: Drums
Blagona, Nick: Tambourine & Percussion
Glover, Roger: Bass
Paice, Ian: Drums
Iommi, Tony: Lead/Rhythm Guitar
Augustyniak, Jerry: Drums
Jones, Sim: Violin
Takac, Robby: Bass
Latimer, Emil: Percussion
Farmelo, Allen: Percussion
Craddock, Fanny: Additional Rhythm Guitar
McGirr, Rick: Keyboards
Morris, Steve: Lead Guitar
Jarosil, Jaro: Cellos
Russell, Mary Jane: Backing Vocals
Davis, Ron: Accordion
Volkaert, Redd: Lead Guitar
Quill, Charlie: Rhythm Guitar
Lee Soule, Mickey: Piano
Elliott, Joe: Harmony Vocals

- Gang Chorus Backing Vocals -
Bennett, Cliff  Morris, Steve  Howard, Dean
Glover, Gillian  Glover, Roger  Rzeznik, Johnny
Lee, Michael  The Mississauga Singers
Producer: Blagona, Nick
Mixing by: Blagona, Nick & Lux, Gary
Mastering by: Blagona, Nick & Michaels, Bob
Gillan, Ian - Gillan's Inn CD+DVD Cover Image

01. Unchain Your Brain
02. Bluesy Blue Sea
03. Day Late and a Dollar Short
04. Hang Me Out to Dry
05. Men of War
06. When a Blind Man Cries
07. Sugar Plum
08. Trashed
09. No Worries
10. Smoke on the Water
11. No Laughing in Heaven
12. Speed King
13. Loving on Borrowed Time
14. (Bonus Track) I'll Be Your Baby Tonight

CD Length: 62:53


01. Unchain Your Brain
02. Bluesy Blue Sea
03. Day Late and a Dollar Short
04. Hang Me Out to Dry
05. Men of War
06. When a Blind Man Cries
07. Sugar Plum
08. Trashed
09. No Worries
10. Demon's Eye 
11. Smoke on the Water
12. No Laughing in Heaven
13. Speed King
14. Loving on Borrowed Time
15. (Bonus Track) I'll Be Your Baby Tonight

- Special Features -
16. Brick by Brick (The Building of Gillan's Inn)  [26:24]
17. Bootleg Basement           [12:57]
18. Track Commentary           [26:20]
19. Liner Notes/Lyrics/Discography
20. Smoke on the Water (Choose Your Soloist)
      Joe Satriani             [5:46]
      Jeff Healey              [5:46]
      Steve Morse              [5:46]
      Michael Lee Jackson      [5:46]
21. witness Protection Program [4:16]

DVD Length: 160:07
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