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House of Shakira


Live at FireFest 2005

Year: 2006
Format: DVD
Label: Lion Music
Genre: [AOR/Melodic Rock]
Overall Rating: 7.0
Music: 7.5
Production: 6.5

Lion Music releases their first DVD release ever, and it's House of Shakira's debut DVD "Live at FireFest 2005". HoS enjoy performing live, and since all their fans don't have the possibility to see this group live, releasing a DVD of the last year's gig at FireFast has its place, more or less. Live at FireFest 2005 is described as being an honest live DVD featuring only few overdubs due to audio dropouts and slight audio errors, and showcases the high level of musicianship that House of Shakira has - the band actually didn't have more than 10 minutes to prepare for their performance, and thus didn't even have a soundcheck. Regardless, on stage they delivered.

The music on this release is quite good, though I think the set-list could have been better. Nonetheless, I was favourably surprised to hear songs from all of the group's records. On the other hand, the gig lasts - unfortunately - only 38 minutes and the extras aren't too impressive on this DVD. In addition to the live gig, there's a short biography and four rare TV-show performances (Station Videos) that are of fairly poor quality. However, for fans of the group, this DVD might just be good enough (after all, this is the only DVD release of HoS).

Production on this DVD is OK regarding the live gig, biography, and navigation. In any event, the aforementioned Station Videos are unfortunately feeble (both audio and video quality are disappointing). Therefore, this DVD may not be good enough for the fans that have had the possibility of seeing this group perform live.

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- MAGE (June 11th, 2006)


Eklund, Andreas: Lead Vocals
Hallstensson, Mats: Guitar, Vocals
Schelander, Per: Bass, Vocals
Andersson, Tony: Drums
Lundtrm, Anders: Guitar

Eriksson, Mikael: Vocals
Producer: Hayley, Warren & Hallstensson, Mats
Mixing by: Bauman, Andreas
Mastering by: Unavailable
House of Shakira - Live at FireFest 2005  DVD  Cover Image
01. The Song Remains
02. Uncontrolled
03. In Your Head
04. Hey Lord
05. Best of Times
06. Wings
07. Seven Bridges Road
08. Morning Over Morocco
09. You Are
10. Method of Madness/Pellucid (Part 2)

- Extras -
11. Biography [6:13]

The Station Videos
12. You're the One I care for [5:17]
13. Cinderella [3:50]
14. Warm Me Up [4:18]
15. Life's Magical Ball [4:08]

Length: 62:19
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