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Cryptic Vision


Moments of Clarity

Year: 2003
Format: CD
Label: ProgRock
Genre: [Progressive Rock]
Overall Rating: 8.5
Music: 8.5
Production: 8.5

Cryptic Vision's debut album 'Moments of Clarity' drew attention instantly with its line-up... Contributors on this album include former Kansas violinist David Ragsdale, former Zon/Ian Hunter Keyboardist Howard Helm, guitarist Ralph Santolla (Eyewitness/Iced Earth/Millenium), former Neurotica members Shawn Bowen and Kelly Shaefer. The band itself consists of Todd Plant (Eyewitness/Millenium), who has also sung Hulk Hogan's theme song. In the past, Rick Duncan has engineered and produced numerous local and national artists such as Neurotica, AC/DC's Brian Johnson and The Chase Theory. Robert Van Dyne, on the other hand, is known from Zion. Since the line-up was this promising, I was expecting a good album already from the beginning...

Songs are melodic progrock in the style of Saga, IQ, Kansas, Spock's Beard, Yes, Dream Theater, Rush and Pink Floyd. Songs are varying and even captivating in places... The album stood up to my expectations, and partly exceeded them. Unfortunately there are few gimmickry parts, which aren't so good. Thankfully they appear seldom.

The quality of sound on this album is quite good. There are only few slight defects, but they don't disturb much. Mastering and mixing has been done quite solidly. Pete Coleman and Mike Fuller seem to know their stuff.

I must admit that I'm not particularly a fan of Todd Plant's voice... but on this album he did a good job. Occasionally I wasn't happy with his singing, but for most of the time his singing was good. As the title suggests, Cryptic Vision's debut album has moments of clarity. I suggest you to check out the samples at ProgRock Records' website, so you can form your own opinion about their music.

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- MAGE (30.07.2004)


Plant, Todd: Lead And Backing Vocals
Duncan, Rick: Drums, Keyboards, Mellotron, Acoustic and Rhythm Guitars, Bass, Djembe
Van Dyne, Robert: Keyboards, Guitar

Additional Lead & Rhythm Guitar Tracks:
Santolla, Ralph; Bowen, Shawn; Burke, Matt & LeBlanc, John
Carpenter, Brian: Additional Bass Tracks
Carello, Mike: Fender Fretless Bass

Violin Tracks:
Ragsdale, David; Gehl, Jennifer & Fara, Jeff

Additional Vocals:
Sage; Peters, Candance & Cope, Jeff
Shaefer, Kelly: Primal Screams
Helm, Howard: Additional Keyboard Tracks
Gosman, G.J.: Djembe Tracks
Winkelmann, Roy: Narration
Producer: Duncan, Rick
Mixing by: Coleman, Pete
Mastering by: Fuller, Mike
Cryptic Vision - Moments of Clarity  CD  Cover Image
01. Introspective
02. New Perspective
03. Contemplation
04. Grand Design
05. Angeline
06. Losing Faith
07. Angel's Requim
08. Colored Leaf
09. Shock Value
10. Moments of Clarity
11. Ascension
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