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The New Kingdom

Year: 2006
Format: CD
Label: Lion Music
Genre: [Modern Progressive Metal/Pop]
Overall Rating: 8.0
Music: 8.0
Production: 8.0

The New Kingdom, a debut album by modern progressive pop/metal group Venturia, is quite a pleasant surprise. Though progressive metal groups haven't lately rejuvenated, Venturia manages to craft themselves a somewhat unique blend of genres. Marc Ferreira's strength is definitely the clean pop-vocals, which blend rather well with progmetal rhythms. Lydie Robin's vocal lines also flavour the music distinctively, and I'd say that Venturia's best works are the ballads.

Although Venturia has a sound of their own, their influences are rather clearly audible. Traces of Dream Theater, 3, Frameshift, Nightwish and even Savage Garden can be heard here and there. The Unholy One, for example, is reminiscent of Awake-era Dream Theater (mainly due to the synth sounds). Everything about The New Kingdom isn't that good, however. Partly the album is very good, but there are also less fortuitous sections (some unpleasant proggimmickry breaks). In addition, Marc's more aggressive vocals sound occasionally mannered. Nonetheless, as a whole the New Kingdom is rather good album (good parts definitely outweigh the less successful sections).

Sonically Venturia's debut album is fairly moderate. The sounds are well-balanced, and the album doesn't sound heavy though I'd consider the material being progressive metal rather than progressive rock. Quite surprisingly The New Kingdom is one of those trivia albums - each song has a part borrowed from some other artist. So while listening, one can also test one's knowledge on music. Overall, Venturia's debut is a good effort that should in a way or another appeal to most progressive metal listeners.

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- MAGE (June 18th, 2006)


Ferreira, Marc: Vocals
Robin, Lydie: Vocals
Sahona, Charly: Guitars
Rapacchietti, Diego: Drums
James, Thomas: Bass
Codfert, Kevin: Keyboards
Producer: Montini, Carryl
Mixing by: Codfert, Kevin
Mastering by: Lusky, Jurgen
Venturia - The New Kingdom  CD  Cover Image
01. New Kingdom
02. The Unholy One
03. Words of Silence
04. Take Me Down
05. Fallen World (Is There a Reason?)
06. Walk on to the Daylight
07. Candle of Hope Through a Night of Fears
08. Dear Dead Bride

Length: 44:49
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