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Sphere of Souls


From the Ashes...

Year: 2006
Format: CD
Label: Lion Music
Genre: [Progressive Metal]
Overall Rating: 7.5
Music: 7.5
Production: 8.0

Remember enjoying Sun Caged's music? Well, then you might want to give a listen to Sphere of Souls - a new Dutch progmetal group featuring two ex-Sun Caged members André Vurboom and Joost van den Broek. Other members of this group include former Equinox bassist Kees Harrison and ex-Imperium guitarist Rob Cerrone along with Anand Mahangoe and Ruud van Diepen. The group's debut album From the Ashes... is an atmospheric concept album lasting almost an hour.

For the most part the music on From the Ashes... is good, but at times some sections could have been realized even better. Regardless, this album should appeal to most progmetal listeners at least on some level. Both mellow and heavier songs are featured, and I can't stop thinking that this is a record I should really like - however, I feel as if there's something missing. The material just doesn't manage to startle me, everything is just too safe. Therefore this album isn't that appealing in the long run - only the mellower parts are really to my liking, which isn't that surprising considering that André Vurboom is really good on softer vocal melodies.

Joost van den Broek handled all the productional matters on this record, and I must admit that he's done quite a good job. The sounds are atmospheric yet brisk. All in all, Sphere of Souls' debut record is a good progmetal album, and proves that SoS is a band with potential. Nonetheless, at this point I still prefer many groups over them, but I await their future releases with interest.

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- MAGE (June 18th, 2006)

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Vurboom, André: Vocals, Rhythm and Clean Guitars
van den Broek, Joost: Keyboards
Cerrone, Rob: Rhythm Guitars
Mahangoe, Anand: Lead Guitars
Harrison, Kees: Bass
van Diepen, Ruud: Drums
Producer: Joost van den Broek
Mixing by: Joost van den Broek
Mastering by: Joost van den Broek
Sphere of Souls - From the Ashes...  CD  Cover Image
01. From the Ashes...
02. Sweet Sorrow
03. Loss
04. Beneath the Surface
05. Empty
06. Until Death Do Us Part
07. Extinct
08. Room 9
09. No Salvation
10. Untruth
11. Lies Inc.
12. Room 6
13. Epilogue

Length: 58:13
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