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Amplified // A Decade of Reinventing the Cello

Year: 2006
Format: CD
Label: Universal
Genre: [Cello-oriented Instrumental/Orchestral/Classical/Melancholic Heavy Music]
Overall Rating: 7.0
Music: 7.0
Production: 7.0

Self-effacement doesn't seem to be a trait of Apocalyptica if one pays attention to the title of their tenth anniversary celebration record - performing heavy music with classical instruments may be original, but I wouldn't call it reinventing the instrument. Regardless, Apocalyptica should be respected for their courage and distinctiveness. Apocalyptica sounds like Apocalyptica... there aren't exactly similar artists out there. On this compilation disc-set the group has included two new tracks, namely "Repressed" and "Angel of Death", to reel in their fans. Otherwise this record is one of those "best of..." collections, and doesn't have much new content to offer.

I've always had mixed thoughts regarding Apocalyptica's pieces. At times they perform fortuitous sections, but as a whole their songs often aren't as impressive as I'd like. Especially the fact that there are sometimes less successful parts bothers me. This is apparent, for example, on Refuse/Resist. Nonetheless, as often is the case, Apocalyptica has improved throughout these years and this compilation proves it. Their songs with vocals are often better than their instrumental works - though some of their instrumentals are really good as well.

The production on Apocalyptica's records has never been as good as I'd wish. Though it has improved a bit from the early days, it still could be better. For example, the new track with Max Cavalera (Bullet for My Valentine) and Matt Tuck (Soulfly, ex-Sepultura) is a bit of a let-down. Max Cavalera sounds a lot better on the latest BFMV album. In addition, the sounds on their early material aren't exactly pleasing (they're quite cold and grating). This all just proves that Svante Försback is definitely overrated as a mastering engineer. In spite of all, Apocalyptica is still an interesting group, and it'll be intriguing to see what they'll have in store for us in the future.

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- MAGE (June 26th, 2006)

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Toppinen, Eicca: Cello
Kivilaakso, Perttu: Cello
Lötjönen, Paavo: Cello
Sirén, Mikko: Drums

Lagespetz, Juhani: Piano

with following drummers
Kuoppamäki, Sami
Lombardo, Dave
Jämsä, Teijo

with following cellists
Lilja, Max
Manninen, Antero

with following vocalists
Tuck, Matt
Cavalera, Max
Ylönen, Lauri
Valo, Ville
Sayer, Matze
Sundblad, Linda
Hagen, Nina
Producer: Apocalyptica; Ritaluoto, Pekka; Dinner, Otto; Hilesmaa, Hiili & Toppinen, Eicca
Mixing by: Ritaluoto, Pekka; Heininen, Juha; Karmila, Mikko; Oksala, T-T; Glaumann, Stefan; Raita, Mikko & Toppinen, Eicca
Mastering by: Försback, Svante
Apocalyptica - Amplified // A Decade of Reinventing the Cello  CD  Cover Image
CD1 (Instrumental)
01. Enter Sandman
02. Harmageddon
03. Nothing Else Matters
04. Refuse/Resist
05. Somewhere Around Nothing
06. Betrayal
07. Farewell
08. Master of Puppets
09. Hall of the Mountain King
10. One
11. Heat
12. Cohkka
13. Kaamos
14. Deathzone
15. Angel of Death

Length: 67:56

CD2 (Vocals)
01. Repressed
02. Path Vol. 2
03. Bittersweet
04. Hope Vol. 2
05. En Vie
06. Faraway Vol. 2
07. Life Burns
08. Seemann

Length: 33:31

Total Length: 101:27
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