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Completion Makes the Tragedy

Year: 2006
Format: CD
Label: Nuclear Blast
Genre: [Modern Melodic Metal]
Overall Rating: 7.5
Music: 7.0
Production: 8.5

As usual, spin-off groups formed by famed artists are often fairly whimsical... thus I didn't know what to expect from Coldseed, the new group of former Blind Guardian/current Savage Circus drummer Thomen Stauch and Soilwork singer Björn "Speed" Strid. Other members in the line-up are Thorsten Praest on guitar, Oli Holzwarth (of Blind Guardian/Sieges Even fame) on bass along with Spanish guitarist Gonzalo Alfageme López and keyboardist Mi Schüren (Blind Guardian). Much to my surprise the music is a fresh take on modern metal containing traces of Korn, Godsmack and Soilwork along with many others.

After listening to Completion Makes the Tragedy a few times, it becomes quite apparent that the spice of this record are the clean stillwater sections. For the most part the material has captivating hooks, and groovy song structures, but at times there are also weaker parts (which is a shame). The better bits of this album are My Affliction, Democracy Lesson, Low, Reflection, Hatched, and At Last. so half of the songs are good while the other half are barely decent. The latter just don't manage to grip the listener. The title track is perhaps the most troublesome song as it has few good sections, but as a whole isn't that great.

Production-wise Coldseed's debut is rather good. The sounds are apt, thanks to Dirk Schlächter, Charly Czajkowsky and Achim Köhler. Overall, Coldseed's Completion Makes the Tragedy is a moderate album with its highs and lows. It's up for you to decide if it's good enough.

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- MAGE (July 9th, 2006)

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Strid, Björn "Speed": vocals
Praest, Thorsten: Guitar
López, Gonzalo Alfageme: Guitar
Holzwarth, Oli: Bass
Schüren, Mi: Keyboards
Stauch, Thomen: Drums
Producer: Schüren, Michael
Mixing by: Schlächter, Dirk & Czajkowsky, Charly
Mastering by: Köhler, Achim
Coldseed - Completion Makes the Tragedy  CD  Cover Image
01. My Affliction
02. Democracy Lesson
03. Nothing But a Loser
04. Five More to Fix
05. Burning with a Shade
06. Low
07. On My Way
08. Reflection
09. Completion Makes the Tragedy
10. Hatched
11. Vulture of the Throne
12. At Last

Length: 46:42
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