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10th Anniversary Live

Year: 2006
Format: DVD
Label: Spinefarm
Genre: [Melodic Folk Metal/Pagan Metal]
Overall Rating: 6.5
Music: 6.5
Production: 6.0

In honour of Ensiferum's tenth year of existence Spinefarm releases this group's first live DVD "10th Anniversary Live", which was recorded on New Year's Eve (December 31st, 2005) at Nosturi, Helsinki. First of all, I have to admit I've never been the biggest fan of Ensiferum, and for a reason - sure the band has some good sections on their songs (especially the solos influenced by classical music), but as a whole their material doesn't impress me that much. I believe that Ensiferum's blend of metal-tinted folk melodies and pagan black metal screams along with the occasional clean sections just has potential for much more than is audible on this record... in my view, this group could have crafted even better songs, though the weak spot for Ensiferum is mainly their vocalists, not the music. I've never regarded the Norther-growler Petri Lindroos being one of the best extreme vocalists. Also, I think there's something wrong if one of the best songs on band's set is a cover - in this case, Amorphis' Into Hiding was one of the highlights of this gig.

The production on this DVD is rather mediocre... while the picture quality is OK, the sounds get fairly frequently distorted, and that always sets my teeth on edge. In addition, I don't like the current trend of most Finnish mixing and mastering engineers over-accentuating the boominess of bass frequencies. On the other hand, the lack of dynamic depth on the mix hinders my enjoyment too. Despite of all, I'm sure many fans of Ensiferum find 10th Anniversary Live worth checking out, after all it's the first DVD release of Ensiferum. I also reckon this release is the best way to familiarize oneself with Ensiferum's music if one hasn't listened to this group before, as this DVD contains songs from all of the band’s albums.

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- MAGE (July 15th, 2006)

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Toivonen, Markus: Clean Vocals, Guitars
Hinkka, Sami: Clean Vocals, Bass
Parviainen, Janne: Drums
Enho, Meiju: Keyboards
Lindroos, Petri: Vocals, Guitars

Guest Musicians:
Saari, Kaisa: Vocals on "Finnish Medley" and "Tears"
Tuomi, Ville: Clean Vocals on "Into Hiding"

Finntroll performed the Bonus Track
Producer: Koskinen, Riina
Mixing by: Laurenne, Nino
Mastering by: Jussila, Mika
Ensiferum - 10th Anniversary Live  DVD  Cover Image
01. Intro
02. Hero in a Dream
03. Guardian of Fate
04. Tale of Revenge
05. Dragonheads
06. Windrider
07. Warrior's Guest
08. Lai Lai Hei
09. Old Man (Väinämöinen)
10. Slayer of Light
11. Finnish Medley
      Karjalain Kannailla
      Myrskyluodon Maija
      Metsämiehen Laulu
12. Tears
13. Token of Time
14. White Storm
15. Into Hiding
16. Into Battle
17. Kalevala Melody (intro)
18. Iron
19. Treacherous Gods
20. Näitä Polkuja Tallaan
21. Battle Song
22. Congratulation Song for Ensiferum
   (Bonus Track performed by Finntroll)

Length: 105:10
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