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Liberation Transmission

Year: 2006
Format: CD
Label: Visible Noise/Columbia/SonyBMG
Genre: [Alternative/Pop/Rock/Emo]
Overall Rating: 8.5
Music: 8.5
Production: 8.5

Lostprophets is a pop-rock quintet formed back in late 1997. When one listens to their songs, it quickly becomes apparent that this group does tremendously good job on blending hardcore screamo influences with their otherwise mainstreamish alternative emo rock. While this group just recently lost their drummer Chiplin, the producer Bob Rock together with the band recruited a well-known studio drummer for this album. The drummer in question is of course Josh Freese, who is perhaps best known for his work with A Perfect Circle, Rob Zombie, and the list goes on...

The song material on Liberation Transmission is pleasantly equal in strength - there are lots of quality songs with gripping hooks and compelling lyrics, though not all the songs are as successful as some. Regardless, as a whole Liberation Transmission is a rather good effort from this young group. Just on a sidenote, this group was known as Lozt Prophetz in the beginning, and back then their music was influenced by ska and hip-hop, but later on progressed to a more aggressive style of rock, on which they mixed together their longtime love of pop and metal. Naturally, I'm more in favour of their current musical direction, and I hope they'll continue honing it.

The previously mentioned, famed Bob Rock produced this record, and the sounds are in accordance with that fact. Randy Staub did a good job on the mix, while the mastering-whizz George Marino finalized the product at Sterling Sound, New York. All in all, Liberation Transmission proves that Lostprohets is a group to be on the watch for.

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- MAGE (July 15th, 2006)


Watkins, Ian: Vocals
Oliver, Jamie: Decks
Gaze, Lee: Guitars
Lewis, Mike: Guitar
Richardson, Stuart: Bass 

Blackout, Sean: Backing Vocals on Everyday Combat
Freese, Josh: Drums
Producer: Rock, Bob
Mixing by: Staub, Randy
Mastering by: Marino, George
Lostprophets - Liberation Transmission  CD  Cover Image
01. Everyday Combat
02. A Town Called Hypocrisy
03. The New Transmission
04. Rooftops (a Liberation Broadcast)
05. Can't Stop, Gotta Date with Hate
06. Can't Catch Tomorrow (Good Shoes Won't Save You This
07. Everybody's Screaming!!!
08. Broken Hearts, Torn Up Letters and the Story of a
    Lonely Girl
09. 4:am Forever
10. For All These Times Son, for All These Times
11. Heaven for the Weather, Hell for the Company
12. Always All Ways (Apologies, Glances and Messed Up

Length: 48:52
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