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Andy Timmons Band



Year: 2006
Format: CD
Label: Favored Nations
Genre: [Guitar-oriented Instrumental Rock]
Overall Rating: 9.5
Music: 9.5
Production: 9.0

If I had to name one guitarist, who makes me wanting to reach for my guitars these days, the choice wouldn't be easy. There are so many talented guitarists out there, but without a doubt Andy Timmons would be on my short list. I still remember clearly how I checked out Timmons' music in the first place just because seeing Steve Vai's praising quote about him. Since then Andy Timmons has been amongst my favourite guitarists, and the people whom I've introduced his music to have also found Timmons' playing captivating.

Resolution is the very first record by Andy Timmons Band, a group that was already formed in 1988, but which never got around releasing an album that features solely the three guys on all performances. Back in the Ear X-tacy days, Mitch and Mike just were unavailable at times, and thus other players had to be used. However, on Resolution a lot has changed. Now all the tracks are performed by Andy, Mitch and Mike, and everything's stripped down as well - only three guys jamming and having a great time. Thus the album title is fitting, if one prefers the same definition for 'resolution' as Andy: "the act of reducing something to its simplest form".

Musically Timmons still has faith in his well-tried song crafting skills. The focus is on smokin' grooves coupled with passionate and fiery lead passages. The sheer joy of playing shines throughout the whole record, and insidious hooks enthral the listener frequently. At times there are few wittingly borrowed licks from Andy's favourite players, and they blend inconceivably smoothly to the songs that are nicely varied. Not only is the emotionate music on this record truly enjoyable to listen to, it also makes it hard for the listener to resist grabbing one's guitar and start jamming.

The production on Resolution is really good. The guitar sounds have gotten warmer and rounder than on previous Timmons releases - they're really crunchy now, just the way I like it. Altogether, Resolution is a must-have album for every self-respectful guitarist. It's a release that shouldn't be ignored if one's into guitar-oriented instrumental music.

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- MAGE (July 23rd, 2006)


Timmons, Andy: Guitar
Marine, Mitch: Drums
Daane, Mike: Bass
Producer: Timmons, Andy & Daane, Mike
Mixing by: Wechsler, Robert
Mastering by: Wechsler, Robert
Andy Timmons Band - Resolution  CD  Cover Image
01. Deliver Us
02. Helipad
03. Ghost of You
04. Resolution
05. Redemption
06. Lydia
07. Gone (9/11/01)
08. Move on
09. Beware Dark Days
10. The Prayer/The Answer
11. Headed for the Ditch (Bonus Track)

Length: 48:09
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