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Jack Yello


Thorns of Anger

Year: 2003
Format: CD
Label: ProgRock
Genre: [Progressive Rock/Progressive Metal]
Overall Rating: 8.5
Music: 8.5
Production: 8.5

After spending 15 months in the studio, Jack Yello finished their debut album Thorns of Anger (a 78 minute concept album). Jack Yello is a new, original band (however, some members of the band have previous band experience they've been in Darius and Jagiello). Their influences range from Arena, Marillion and Deep Purple to Dream Theater and Spocks Beard (mainly progressive rock). All of their influences are quite discernible.

Songs are filled with driving rhythms, hooks and melodies (also some elements of classical music can be heard). This album is quite diverse, fluctuating from tranquil compositions to heavier "barrage" of riffs. Dirk Bovensiepen, singer, has quite unique voice. At times it's very good and fitting, but sometimes it can be a little tiring and annoying. The quality of songs varies a little as some of the songs are very good while others are about average.

This album is well produced. Slight distortion could be heard only few times, but it was rather caused by the recording procedure than mastering... Mastering and mixing has been done skilfully, and there isn't much to complain about them. The mix was fitting to their style. On the booklet they claim that no sequencers or any samplers were used during the recordings.

Overall, this album is very good progressive rock/metal album... I was favourably impressed with it. I recommend this album to fans of progressive rock and metal. Remember to check out the samples at ProgRock Records' website.

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- MAGE (02.08.2004)


Bovensiepen, Dirk: Voice, Backing Vocals
Grosser, Lutz: Guitar, Backing Vocals
Hlpert, Dirk: Bass, Backing Vocals
Ziegler, Uwe: Keyboards, Backing Vocals
Poprawa, Uwe: Drums
Pyka, Werner: Tech
Producer: Unavailable
Mixing by: Grosser, Lutz
Mastering by: House of Audio
Jack Yello - Thorns of Anger  CD  Cover Image
01. Inspiring Confidence (Part I)
02. Shadows of a Nightingale (Part II)
03. Gameshow
04. The Unknown Soldier
05. The Old Warrior (Part V)
06. The Bridge
07. Before
08. Igraine (Part IV)
09. Take My Heart (I Will Show You the Way)
10. Emotional Suicide (Take My Heart - Part II)
11. Faces to Faces (Outro)
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