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As God Kills

Year: 2006
Format: CD
Label: Massacre
Genre: [Thrash Metalcore]
Overall Rating: 6.0
Music: 5.5
Production: 7.0

Node's fourth album "As God Kills" is pretty much an average extreme metal record. It's a somewhat diverse, thrashy metalcore record with occasional hooks that grip the listener immediately. However, in my view there should have been more amazement-factor on this record. For example, while one listens to this record following thoughts probably go through one's mind: humdrum... boring... passable... finally something good... well now it all got repetitive again... and now the song ended. Of course the order might vary a bit and there may be more than one good section on a song, but more or less this pattern is followed throughout this album.

One interesting detail about As God Kills is that on average it improves towards the end. The better half of the songs on this record is presented by Hellywood, Through Fail and Foul, Truth Is Out and the Manhattan Project. While I feel that this group has potential, they just don't manage to unleash it all at once... thus their albums turn out being mediocre.

Production on this album is somewhat disturbing. The sounds are fairly thin and cold, though I've got to admit they are snappy. In my view this record just has been excessively compressed making it less enjoyable to listen to. The guitar tone could have been better as well... the distortion is a bit too harsh at times (sounded like the signal would actually get distorted, which it probably did - so perhaps the guitar tone isn't the one to blame here). Overall, Node's As God Kills is just another unremarkable metalcore record. While fans of the group will most likely find it to their liking, it doesn't have much to offer for listeners with higher expectations.

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- MAGE (August 5th, 2006)


Botti, Daniel: Vocals, Guitars
D'Eramo, Gary: Guitars, Vocals
Mariani, Klaus: Bass
Di Salvia, Marco: Drums
Producer: Saether, Pelle & Node
Mixing by: Unavailable
Mastering by: Finnberg, Goran
Node - As God Kills  CD  Cover Image
01. Shotgun Blast Propaganda
02. As God Kills
03. Hellywood
04. Cancer
05. RedRum
06. OldNick
07. Watcher of a Failed Generation
08. Through Fail and Foul
09. Truth Is Out
10. The Manhattan Project

Length: 46:02
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