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del Río, José


Journey into the Fourth Dimension

Year: 2006
Format: CD
Label: Lion Music
Genre: [Neo-classical Metal]
Overall Rating: 4.5
Music: 4.5
Production: 5.0

Looking for a shred-a-licious mindless wankfest à la neo-classical metal? If not, you'd better skip this album review. José del Río's Journey into the Fourth Dimension is an instrumental shredfest that succeeded reminding me of my early recordings when I had only played guitar for one year... yep, back then I used to play neo-classical metal and thought that speed is important - how little did I know. Well, back to Chilean axeslinger José L. del Río's album. This record features the notorious Vitalij Kuprij (Artension) and multi-award winning Soprano Pilar Aguilera among others, so I had my doubts regarding the material before even hearing the first track (I've never been a fan of Vitalij Kuprij's work).

Journey into the Fourth Dimension is just what one can expect from the musicians featured on this record - patchy compositions with some good ideas here and there, but they occur so seldom that they're quite easy to miss... for the most part, the material is patchwork-like and most songs don't sound finished at all. Overall, the musical offering of this album isn't too impressive, expect for the references to classical music. If I had to name some highlights, I guess I would mention Oriental Fantasy and Nel Mezzo del Cammin.

Production on this record is fairly weak... First and foremost, the really cheap-sounding distorted guitars are quite horrendous. I can't believe this has been even published through a label, since most demos that bands send us are a lot better sounding. Well the other instruments on comparison sound OK (for example, clean guitar sounds are adequate). In addition, the material didn't get distorted so Mika Jussila of Finnvox handled his part well. As a whole, I wouldn't recommend this album to anyone straight-off... it sounds unfinished and rough around the edges, so one should give it a listen before purchasing (just to ensure it definitely is your cup of tea). This is actually one of the few records that I wouldn't have wanted to listen to again, but for the sake of the review I had to cope with it.

- MAGE (August 6th, 2006)

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L. del Río, José: Electric Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Classical Guitar, Electric Coral
Sitar, Electric Bass (Fretted & Fretless), Midi Sequencing

Guest Musicians:

Cerda, Marco: Drums and VDrum.
Kuprij, Vitalij: All keyboards and Acoustic Piano, Synth Bass and Drums on
"Epic Dramatic" for Electric Guitar & Keyboards
Aguilera, Pilar & Rosselot. Bernardo: Vocals on "Nel Mezzo del Cammin"
Porflitt, Felipe: Keyboard solos on "Journey into the Fourth Dimension"
Rojas, Juan Francisco: Recorder on "Battlefields of Glory" and "Beyond the Pillars of

Aguilera, Pilar
Domínguez, Constaza
Muñoz, Jenny
Yañez, Claudia
Rosselot, Bernardo
Moya, Cristián
Producer: L. del Río, José
Mixing by: Pinto, Andrés "Beto" & L. del Río, José
Mastering by: Jussila, Mika
del Río, José - Journey into the Fourth Dimension  CD  Cover Image
01. Introduction
02. Phantom Shadows
03. Battlefields of Glory
04. Oriental Fantasy
05. Through the Darkness
06. Dremas of Wizdom and Prophecy
07. "Epic Dramatic" for Electric Guitar and Keyboards
08. Psychophony
09. Journey into the Fourth Dimension
10. Nel Mezzo del Cammin
11. Beyond the Pillars of Hercules
12. Flight of the Bumblebee (Bonus Track)

Length: 58:45
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