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Mind's Eye


Walking on H2O

Year: 2006
Format: CD
Label: Lion Music
Genre: [Progressive Rock]
Overall Rating: 8.0
Music: 8.0
Production: 8.0

Mind's Eye is a progressive rock band from Sweden. It's a three men lineup where Andreas Novak handles the vocal duties, Johan Niemann plays the guitar and bass and Daniel Flores controls the drums and keyboards. The band members are all professionals and true multi-instrumentalists bringing us a convincing performance. To me they mostly remind of Spock's Beard and perhaps Toto or even Phil Collins based on some melodies and lush harmonies, but in the end, influences are quite broad.

The album starts with a nice orchestration and then stops before a climax, that you might have waited, giving space to following well crafted songs. The fifth song is my favorite with its Eqypt-feel and some good inventions in the old scheme like distant camp guitar and radio vocals. The next memorable stop is "Umbrellas Under The Sun" with its nice grooves and melodic ideas. It's followed by "Sacred Rules" the albums only clear let down. It doesn't speak to me and for the first time I wanted to press the next button. The following song is back on track with its Spock's Beard -moments. The rest of the album is on par with the beginning. Overall, the album is musically strong and thematically consistent although those are the drawbacks as well. Few times I felt that this idea was already twice used. The lyrics have good metaphors although sometimes more straightforward storytelling could have been used.

Production-wise there's nothing much to complain about. Keyboards are nicely and widely used and vocal effect tricks are sensible. The mastering have been done with good taste as well. My only gripe goes partly to overall sound and mostly to guitar sounds especially when the band wants to get into metal territory. The feel is too soft although this way it fits the album's mood.

Nevertheless, Mind's Eye have made a progressive rock album that any fan of the genre should add on their "check this out" -list.

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-TINK (August 30th, 2006)


Novak, Andreas: Vocals
Niemann, Johan: Bass and All Electric and Acoustic Guitars
Flores, Daniel: Drums, Percussion, String Arrangements, All Keyboards and Background
Producer: Flores, Daniel
Mixing by: Flores, Daniel
Mastering by: Lindfors, Mats
Mind's Eye - Walking on H2O  CD  Cover Image
01. Earth - The Movie
02. A Rabbit in the Hat
03. Equally Immortal
04. Mrs. Clair Voyance
05. Sahara in an Hourglass
06. Out of My System
07. Umbrellas Under the Sun
08. Sacred Rules
09. The Nazca Lines
10. Flight of the An.Unna.Ki
11. Heal My Karma
12. When I Whisper
13. Poseidon Says
14. Sign o' the Times (Bonus Track)
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