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Dream Theater


Score: 20th Anniversary World Tour - Live with the Octavarium Orchestra

Year: 2006
Format: CD
Label: Rhino/Warner
Genre: [Progressive Metal]
Overall Rating: 8.0
Music: 8.0
Production: 8.5

Dream Theater celebrates their 20th anniversary with slightly more majestic (no pun intended) tour. The band performs two sets, and on the latter they are actually supported by the Octavarium Orchestra. As you'd expect, the band's performance is tight - even better than you'd assume. The concert took place in New York, and aptly the group has included "Sacrificed Sons" on their list of songs to perform. In addition, there are few rarities on the set list, such as "Another Won", which is a song dating back to the early days when DT was known as Majesty. "Raise the Knife", on the other hand, is a previously unreleased song that was written in their "Falling into Infinity" sessions - a great song indeed.

While Dream Theater is on par with their previous work performance-wise, it was a bit disappointing to notice the intonation issues of the orchestra (e.g. the violins). Regardless, as a whole the orchestra did quite good job, especially having had only short amount of time to practice their part. While it was great to hear Six Degrees of Inner Turbulence performed in its entirety, I was also favourably surprised to hear the old classic "Metropolis".

The production on this release is rather good, as the sounds are fairly well balanced. The mastering has been handled with good taste, and the mix breathes well. Over and above, Score is a laudable live release that will most likely appeal to the majority of progressive metal listeners. ...Stay tuned for the DVD review, for more information...

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- MAGE (September 25th, 2006)


LaBrie, James: Vocals
Myung, John: Bass
Petrucci, John: Guitars and Vocals
Portnoy, Mike: Drums
Rudess, Jordan: Keyboards, Continuum and Lap Steel Guitar

with the Octavarium Orchestra
Arranged and Conducted by Sharifi, Jamshied

- Violins -
Barere, Elena (Concert Master)  Vodovos, Yuri  Whitney, Belinda  Brown, Avril
Livolsi, Katherine  Appleman, Abe  Hammann, Joyce  Karlsrud, Karen  Leathers, Ann
Sortomme, Ricky  Mullen, Jan  Pool, Carol

- Violas -
Lionti, Vincent  Benjamin, Adria  Witmer, Judy  Garner, Crystal  Dinklage, Jonathan

- Cellos -
Locker, Richard  Moye, Eugene  Heiss, David  Paisner, Caryl

- French Horns -
Carlisle, Bob  Culpepper, Dan  DiBello, Larry

Flynn, George: Bass Trombone
Sklar, Pamela: Flute
Mathisen, Ole: B Flat Clarinet
Kievit, Jeff: Trumpet
Hynes, Jim: Trumpet
Gottlieb, Gordon: Percussion
Producer: Portnoy, Mike & Petrucci, John
Mixing by: Brauer, Michael H.
Mastering by: Ayan, Adam
Dream Theater - Score: 20th Anniversary World Tour - Live with the Octavarium Orchestra  CD  Cover Image
Disc One
01. The Root of All Evil
02. I Walk Beside You
03. Another Won
04. Afterlife
05. Under a Glass Moon
06. Innocence Faded
07. Raise the Knife
08. The Spirit Carries on

Length: 58:25

Disc Two
Dream Theater with the Octavarium Orchestra
01. Six Degrees of Inner Turbulence
    I. Overture
   II. About to Crash
  III. War Inside My Head
   IV. The Test That Stumped Them All
    V. Goodnight Kiss
   VI. Solitary Shell
  VII. About to Crash (Reprise)
 VIII. Losing Time/Grand Finale
02. Vacant
03. The Answer Lies Within
04. Sacrificed Sons

Length: 60:48

Disc Three
Dream Theater with the Octavarium Orchestra
01. Octavarium
  I. Someone Like Him
 II. Medicate Me
III. Full Circle
 IV. Intervals
  V. Razor's Edge
02. Metropolis

Length: 37:55

Total Length: 157:08
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