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Fluttr Effect


Marking Time

Year: 2006
Format: CD
Label: 10T Records
Genre: [Experimental Rock/Pop/Progressive Rock/Folk/Trip Hop/Avantgarde/Gothic Rock]
Overall Rating: 8.5
Music: 8.5
Production: 9.0

Little did I know, what a treat would await me when I received the latest release of 10T Records; Marking Time by the Boston-based five-piece Fluttr Effect is a really unique offering in the experimental and progressive music field. While many bands sound similar to other groups, I can't help but call Fluttr Effect one-of-a-kind and surprisingly fresh sounding band that definitely has a sound of their own. While everyone can add tempo changes, odd time signatures and random gimmickry to their songs, only few have the ability to keep it all as cohesive as this group does. Their compositions are emotionate and full of expression. The most characteristic traits of their songs are the refreshing breaks, the right dose of experimentality, and all-in-all varying song structures.

Fluttr Effect just knows when to stop, and they don't over-do anything... though I must admit that they slipped on Lucky Glove - after 2:37 the song progressed into quite annoying tune. Otherwise, the material on this album is of high quality. What makes this truly unconventional group even more impressive is their choice of instruments. Instead of bass there's an electric cello, and keyboard sections are replaced by refreshing MIDI marimba performance. These details alone explain why Fluttr Effect sounds so fresh. They've used instruments that I have rarely stumbled upon while listening to rock music.

The production on this record has been handled really well. Over and above, Marking Time is a pleasant surprise amongst the plethora of unimaginative releases crowding the music scene currently. With tracks like Hollywood Is Porn and Nowhere, the band can't go wrong... definitely recommended to all friends of experimental rock.

Release date: October 2nd, 2006

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- MAGE (October 1st, 2006)


Kidwell, Troy: Electric Guitar, Vocals
Stoyanova, Vessela: MIDI Marimba Lumina, Vibes, Melodica
Trott, Kara: Lead Vocals
Thompson, Valerie: Electric Cello, Vocals
Marchionna, J.: Drums and Percussion

Patrick, Earl: Additional Vocals
Downey, Brendon: Additional Guitars
Producer: fluttreffect
Mixing by: Stoyanov, Assen; Marchionna, J.; Moore, Peter & Kidwell, Troy
Mastering by: Lurssen, Gavin
Fluttr Effect - Marking Time  CD  Cover Image
01. Like This
02. Talk to Me
03. Awake
04. Hollywood Is Porn
05. Hollywood Is Porn
06. February First 1896
07. Lucky Glove
08. Don't Know What You're Living for
09. Venus Loves Hades
10. Nowhere
11. Marking Time
12. Transmission (J's Dreamy Remix) - Bonus Track

Length: 62:57
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