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Unweaving the Rainbow

Year: 2003
Format: CD
Label: ProgRock
Genre: [Progressive Rock/Progressive Metal]
Overall Rating: 9.0
Music: 8.5
Production: 9.5

Chain mastermind Henning Pauly invented the concept of Frameshift after he wrote a film score. As modern film music combines elements from different styles (ambient, techno, orchestral, rock, pop, metal and loops), Pauly noticed that these elements suit progressive rock very well. So he decided to use this approach for Frameshift. This album shows that progressive rock can still be modernized.

Songs on this album are diverse, ranging from calm ballads to technoish metal. Some of the musical arrangements are very good, but some aren't as good as others. To describe the diversity you'll hear on this album, I'll give an example. Arms Races has technoish metal parts, orchestral pizzicato parts and James LaBrie's singing the way you've never heard before. As written on ProgRock Records' website, "this is a project that is going to have people talking for years to come."

Vocals play important role on this record, so they have been brought in front. There are some massive vocal harmonies in the spirit of Queen (sometimes as many as 35 tracks were used for vocals). So you can expect complex vocal interplay such as Gentle Giant and Spocks Beard on this album. You'll also hear James LaBrie's (Dream Theater) voice used the way you've never heard before.

Production on this album is top-class. There's nothing to complain about it (except for the error on track 12 at 0:57, gap and click). Some of the higher pitched samples were a little annoying (to be honest). Overall this album is a great addition for your progressive rock collection. If you're a fan of Dream Theater's James LaBrie, you can't afford to miss this album. I recommend this album to all fans of progressive rock and others should check it out as well (afterall, it's a very diverse album). There are samples at ProgRock Records' website for you to check out.

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- MAGE (05.08.2004)


LaBrie, James: Vocals
Pauly, Henning: Electric And Acoustic Guitars, Bass, Piano, B3,
Synthesizer, Warr Guitar, Banjo, Hand Percussion,
Loop Programming, Orchestration
Marvin, Eddie: Drums
Guadagnoli, Nick: Additional Guitars, Acoustic Guitar, Bass,
Chapman Stick, Wah Pedal
Gordon, Shawn: Keyboard Solo on Track 8
Katsikas, Steve: Saxophone Solo on Track 14
Cash, Matt: Lyrics
Producer: Pauly, Henning
Mixing by: Castelli, Luigi & Pauly, Henning
Mastering by: Bala, Alvaro
Frameshift - Unweaving the Rainbow  CD  Cover Image
01. Above the Grass - Part 1
02. The Gene Machine
03. Spiders
04. River Out of Eden
05. Message From the Mountain
06. Your Eyes
07. La Mer
08. Nice Guys Finish First
09. Arms Races
10. Origins And Miracles
11. Off the Ground
12. Walking Through Genetic Space
13. Cultural Genetics
14. Bats
15. Above the Grass - Part 2
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