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Perry Farrell's Satellite Party


Ultra Payloaded

Year: 2007
Format: CD
Label: Columbia/SonyBMG
Genre: [Psychedelic Rock/Funk/Symphonic Rock/Urban/Dance]
Overall Rating: 8.5
Music: 8.5
Production: 8.5

Perry Farrell's Satellite Party is a new rock project featuring talents of guitar virtuoso Nuno Bettencourt, drummer Kevin Figueiredo, Etty Lau Farrell on background vocals and Carl Restivo on bass. Additionally a host of guests appear on this recording - namely Flea, John Frusciante, Hybrid, Peter Hook, Peter DiStefano, Harry Gregson-Williams, Stacy "Fergie" Ferguson and Thievery Corporation among others - say, a 30-piece orchestra. More often than not these kind of supergroups don't work, but Satellite Party is a refreshing exception to the rule, and the album only gets better with ensuing listens. Perhaps one of the album's highlights is "Woman in the Window", which features an unreleased Jim Morrison vocal track "Just try and stop us, we're going to love."

The hippie-tinged story on this record is about a collaborative brain trust of artistic visionaries, including writers, musicians and environmentalist called The Solutionists, and the concept works surprisingly well throughout the whole record. Musically this record is rather diverse, and could be described as a mixture of psychedelic rock, funk, dance music and urban beats with occasional symphonic elements. Ultra Payloaded comes in a digipack made exclusively out of recycled paper, thus making the packaging an ambitious gesture in helping to promote a healthy, sustainable environment.

All in all, Perry Farrell's Satellite Party is a welcome addition to any music enthusiast's collection. It's a well-produced and overall solid effort consisting of quality up-beat tunes. At the very least, be sure to watch the music video of Wish Upon a Dogstar.

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- MAGE (July 12th, 2007)


Farrell, Perry: Vocals
Bettencourt, Nuno: Guitars
Restivo, Carl: Bass
Figueiredo, Kevin: Drums
Farrell, Etty Lau: Background Vocals
Producer: Farrell, Perry, Bettencourt, Nuno & Lillywhite, Steve
Mixing by: Farrell, Perry & Bettencourt, Nuno
Mastering by: St. John, Bob
Perry Farrell's Satellite Party - Ultra Payloaded  CD  Cover Image
01. Wish Upon a Dogstar
02. Only Love, Let's Celebrate
03. Hard Life Easy
04. Kinky
05. The Solutionists
06. Awesome
07. Mr. Sunshine
08. Insanity Rains
09. Milky Ave
10. Ultra Payloaded
11. Woman in the Window

Length: 47:20
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