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The Varangian Way

Year: 2007
Format: CD
Label: Century Media
Genre: [Melodic Metal/Folk Rock/Symphonic Metal]
Overall Rating: 7.0
Music: 7.0
Production: 7.0

Back in 2004 a Finnish folk metal group known as Turisas released their debut album titled as "Battle Metal". Now three years later this group describes their music with this title, and sets sails for world domination. Their follow-up album "The Varangian Way" is swell-of-the-sea concept record telling tales accompanied with symphonic viking metal arrangements. Although catchy at times, the music gets a tad repetitive in the longer run because of the generic folk and symphonic metal parts. Regardless, there are rather fortuitous moments as well which surely make this an album worth listening, if one can get past the somewhat cheesy lyrics.

The production on this album is fairly average... especially the low-end got distorted at times. In any event, this record has a certain overall charm to it and the occasional good sections make this album worthy addition to any folk metal enthusiastic's collection. In addition, it's refreshing to hear metal music that features electric violin solos.

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- MAGE (August 15th, 2007)

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Warlord Nygård: Vocals, Programming & Keyboards
Wickström, Jussi: Guitar, Acoustic Guitar
Lehtonen, Tude: Drums and Percussion
Vänskä, Olli: Acoustic and Electric Violin
Horma, Hannes: Bass, Backing Vocals
Lisko: Accordion

Additional Musicians:
Paranko, Antti: Guest Vocals
Aromaa, Aleksi: Double Bass, Additional Electric Bass
Saksa, Janne: Additional Acoustic Guitar, Backing Vocals
Hutching, Jonathan: Narrating
Laurila, Antti: Additional Nude Accordion Performance

The Varangian Choir:

Nygård, Mathias  Wickström, Jussi   Vänskä, Olli
Horma, Hannes    Lehtonen, Tude     Lisko
Ventola, Antti   Vänskä, Perttu     Paranko, Antti
Kunnas, Jaakko   Koivistoinen, Ami

Mixed Classical Choir:

Hostikka, Anu        Kujanpää, Anna-Maija      Vänskä, Tytti
Laitinen, Elina      Setälä, Eeva-Maija        Tanner, Elina
Heino, Veera         Laukkanen, Johanna        Liusvaara, Salla
Kaleva, Outi         Kuusirati-Mäkipää, Irene  Ehrukainen, Miia
Saksa, Jenna         Hostikka, Juha            Mattila, Jari
Kankainen, Mikko     Tuunanen, Ari             Sainio, Heikki
Niemelä, Juha-Pekka  Nygård, Mathias           Saksa, Janne
Producer: Nygård, Mathias
Mixing by: Virtanen, Teropekka
Mastering by: Jussila, Mika
Turisas - The Varangian Way  CD  Cover Image
01. To Holmgard and Beyond
02. A Portage to the Unknown
03. Cursed Be Iron
04. Fields of Gold
05. In The Court of Jarisleif
06. Five Hundred and One
07. The Dnieper Rapids
08. Miklagard Overture

Length: 43:00
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