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Ghost Opera

Year: 2007
Format: CD
Label: SPV/Steamhammer
Genre: [Symphonic Power Metal]
Overall Rating: 8.5
Music: 8.5
Production: 8.0

After the successful "The Black Halo" -album Kamelot is back with a new offering. The album starts with mood-setting intro and then continues to very catchy "Rule The World". Roy Khan's dominant on voice sounds better than ever before. Although it sounds like Kamelot there's slightly new angle to it, especially in the next song "Ghost Opera" with its musical influences. The bread and butter on the album are the "Mourning Star" and "Silence of the Darkness". "The Human Stain" has a tad of industrial elements in it and it works really well. There's also ballad called "Anthem" and once again it's a strong performance by Khan, but I'm not very keen on the phone effect on the vocal tone.

The production of this album is massive, but there are things that doesn't compliment the music very well. The biggest problem is the mastering which is this time too squeezed and loud. It takes the life out of the already clinical performance. Especially the orchestrations suffers and the drums lacks the power. Well, Khan's tone is right on the spot where as on "The Black Halo" it was more muffled.

Although the album is strong by any measures I can't help the feeling that the making of this album after successful predecessor was a bit hasted. The album is quite short and lacks the epic feel. Still, the album is a must buy for the fans of the genre and, of course, Kamelot.

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- TINK (August 16th, 2007)

"Ghost Opera" video:

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Khan, Roy: Vocals
Youngblood, Thomas: Guitars
Palotai, Oliver: Keyboards
Barry, Glenn: Bass
Grillo, Casey: Drums

Guest musicians:

Miro: Orchestrations & Keys
Simons, Simone:Female vocals on the song "Blücher"
Sommerville, Amanda: Female vocals on "Mourning Star", "Love You to Death" and "Ghost
Paeth, Sascha: Guitars

Ghost Opera Choir
Sommerville, Amanda   Rettke, Thomas
Rizzo, Robert Hunecke   Rizzo, Cinzia
Producer: Paeth, Sascha and Miro
Mixing by: Unavailable
Mastering by: Unavailable
Kamelot - Ghost Opera  CD  Cover Image
01. Solitaire
02. Rule the World
03. Ghost Opera
04. The Human Stain
05. Blücher 	
06. Love You to Death
07. Up Through the Ashes
08. Mourning Star
09. Silence of the Darkness
10. Anthem
11. EdenEcho

Length: 43:59
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