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Year: 2004
Format: CD
Label: ProgRock
Genre: [Progressive Rock/Progressive Metal]
Overall Rating: 9.0
Music: 9.0
Production: 9.5

The story of Sylvan comes down to the year of 1990 when Kay Söhl, Volker Söhl and Matthias Harder founded the band "Temporal Temptation". Back then the music had nothing to do with Sylvan and most of the songs were in German. Soon they changed their name to changed their name into "Chamäleon", followed by the joining of lead singer Marko Heisig. Matthias and Kay, who had earlier done the vocals, could now focus only on their instruments. Their compositions became more complex, solos became longer and Marco wrote only English lyrics. In 1995 Marco Glühmann (ex-Mirrors Off) joined the band, and in 1997 the band changed its name to the present (Sylvan). In 2000 Sylvan's current line-up was completed by Sebastian Harnack's joining.

I haven't heard Sylvan's earlier albums, but according to ProgRock Records' website: "X-rayed takes a similar thread as the previous release 'Artificial Paradise', but looks at it from a different angle. The lyrics in 'Artificial Paradise' were more a view on society, with the different individual characters in it, hidden and blurred behind our superficiality. The songs on 'X-rayed' are more personal and describe emotionality in a different way; it's about people reacting or responding to various situations in different ways. Expressing their emotions, their sadness, their emptiness or their loss quite individually. It's about the force, either negative or positive, and the gift of emotions in our life." By the way, X-rayed is Sylvan's 4th album...

The songs on this album are very good... At first I was amazed by the singer Marco Glühman's voice (which is quite strong and expressive), but soon I noticed that also the songs were good. Fortunately Sylvan doesn't relapse into gimmickry (which is quite common among this genre) but they concentrate on composing songs as entities. The guitar solos are laid-back (not mindless shred as on some albums). Quite a few of the songs are based on beautiful piano melodies... As an outcome, you'll have a strong and beautiful album.

This album is well produced... Jens Lück did already a great job on AtmOsfear's "Inside the Atmosphere" and on this album he seems to have reached another level. Needless to say, the sounds are fitting and pleasant to listen. Be sure not to miss this album, listen to the samples at ProgRock Records' website and place your order today... these albums have run out of stock earlier, they might do that again.

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- MAGE (09.08.2004)

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Glühman, Marco: Vocals
Harder, Matthias: Drums
Harnack, Sebastian: Bass
Söhl, Kay: Guitars
Söhl, Volker: Keyboards
Lück, Jens: Additional Programming And Backing Vocals
Producer: Sylvan
Mixing by: Lück, Jens
Mastering by: Unavailable
Sylvan - X-rayed  CD  Cover Image
01. So Easy
02. So Much More
03. Lost
04. You Are
05. Fearless
06. Belated Gift
07. Today
08. Through My Eyes
09. Given - Used - Forgotten
10. This World is Not For Me
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