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Little Atlas



Year: 2007
Format: CD
Label: 10t Records
Genre: [Progressive Rock/Atmospheric Art Rock/Jazz/Pop/Experimental]
Overall Rating: 9.0
Music: 9.0
Production: 9.0

If there are some progrock groups whose new releases I look forward to listening to, Little Atlas is one of such bands. They've already put out three albums previously with ever-increasing quality, and their fourth record "Hollow" is no exception. They've once again crafted a multi-dimensional album which contains intriguing songs containing few oddities here and there without forgetting pop-sensibilities and surprisingly catchy vocal melodies. Hollow contains ten atmospheric tunes that flow effortlessly between genres, and showcase this exquisite group at its finest. This time around the band doesn't even relapse into gimmickry that much, instead the songs are really well-structured and the band sounds rather mature. I reckon the songs could best be described as a crossover of progressive rock, art rock and jazz of the 70's with flavours taken from modern music.

The production on this release is also of high quality, which I've grown to expect from Little Atlas. The mix is airy yet punchy, and the adventurous arrangements are simply a joy to listen to. Additionally, I've always found the lyrics of Katsikas fairly thoughtful... on Hollow he presents different character studies on each track, hence making this album quite a vivid experience. In case you appreciate experimental music and art rock, I warmly recommend checking out the releases by this talented and unquestionably unique group, starting with the most recent - Hollow. It takes you on a journey that opens up a bit by bit, yet it's the most accessible album by Little Atlas.

Release date: October 8th, 2007

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- MAGE (October 8th, 2007)


Katsikas, Steve: Vocals, Keyboards, Saxophone
Bigai, Rik: Bass, Synths, Cuatro
Strattman, Roy: Electric and Acoustic Guitars, Vocals
Pocovi, Diego: Drums and Percussion
Katsikas, Joanna: Additional Vocals
Producer: Bigai, Rik; Katsikas, Steve; Strattman, Roy & Pocovi, Diego
Mixing by: Bigai, Rik
Mastering by: Palmaccio, Joseph
Little Atlas - Hollow  CD  Cover Image
01. Hollow
02. Silence
03. Paranoiac
04. Contumacious
05. Symbiosis
06. Orderly
07. Hiding
08. Stage
09. Preying
10. Special

Length: 57:39
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