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Worlds Collide

Year: 2007
Format: CD
Label: Sony BMG
Genre: [Cello-oriented Instrumental/Chamber Music/Classical/Orchestral/Melancholic Heavy Music]
Overall Rating: 8.0
Music: 8.0
Production: 8.5

Worlds Collide is Apocalyptica's sixth studio album and perhaps their most commercialized effort thus far. The change of record company hasn't affected their music, although this time around the amount of special guests is larger than on their previous releases. These guests range from guitarists Tomoyasu Hotei and Richard Z. Kruspe to drummer Dave Lombardo and the famed vocalists Till Lindemann, Corey Taylor, Adam Gontier, and Cristina Scabbia. Additionally, Mats Levén sang the backing vocals for songs "S.O.S. (Anything But Love)" and "I Don't Care".

The song material on this album consists mainly of melancholic instrumental compositions, which are accompanied by few tracks with the aforementioned guest vocalists. One of these being a cover David Bowie's "Heroes", but sung in German. The quality of material varies a bit, but overall Worlds Collide is an enjoyable listening experience albeit repeated listening wears down the initial impression.

The production on this album is rather good. Stefan Glaumann has done a good job on the mix, and this time around the band used another mastering engineer in addition to Svante Forsbäck - I, for one, was favourably surprised by this. It's fairly interesting to listen to the album only to notice how different Forsbäck's masters sound compared to Ted Jensen's work. The breadth of soundscape is much wider on Ted Jensen's tracks. Regardless the audible difference between the tracks, it isn't too noticeable to cause any listening discomfort. All in all, Apocalyptica's latest offering is rather good, and definitely worth checking out in case you've found their earlier releases to your liking. Also bands and musicians who are shopping for mastering might want to give this album a spin or two just to do a comparison between these two mastering engineers.

Release dates: February 5th, 2008 (USA & Canada), already released in Europe (on September 14th, 2007)

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- MAGE (October 25th, 2007)

Second perspective:

Apocalyptica : When Men and Violoncellos Collide

Worlds Collide review by Nerissa Alison

Bright, vivid violet cover? Any brighter and it might turn pink! I hesitantly picked it up, I eyed it carefully. There it was… After their 10-year anniversary black cover the best of Apocalyptica collection, their latest creations were out.

As I opened the long awaited CD, the strength and power of I’m not Jesus, debut single and the only song I had previously listened to from this album, repeatedly came to mind. I had to listen to Apocalyptica’s most recent album before judging, after all, I have never been known to judge a book by its cover. So, let’s not judge Apocalyptica by the pink in their cover.

I sat back in my easy chair as three violoncellos and a drum filled the room with their melodies. From the first song, instrumental Worlds Collide, I was drawn into a world of powerful music with touches of darkness. Song after song, I was buried deeper into Apocalyptica’s world. The album cover could have been even rosier, maybe even brighter yet, but there, in the cover, stood out the violoncello with the winged skull, Apocalyptica’s trademark, their instrument and their creative genre, gothic metal. All was there, on the cover and in the album, the musical strength heard in previous albums, yet, a touch heavier, a touch darker than before. Eicca, Perttu, Paavo and Mikko, three violoncellos and a drum, once again have been able to surprise followers with this latest album.

As I listened to each new song, I liked each new one more than the previous. I was surprised to find so many songs accompanied by lyrics, since a greater part of their work is instrumental. Song after song, you could feel the creative force of the violoncellos, always strengthened by Mikko’s drums, the heartbeat of any metal group.

Take for instance, I Don’t Care, the obscure sweetness of its opening notes turns into dark. The strength of the song lies in the power of all three violoncellos and the drums as they come together to make poetry of lyrics as mighty as their meaning, when the vocalist sings in a harsh whisper, “Nothing to care about… You won’t be there for me.” Giving us the key to the song’s message.

On a different note we find Last Hope, a typical Apocalyptica instrumental song in which from beginning to end, the band shows the musical strength provided by the four musicians. Their expertise is so noticeable, that at times it feels like we are not listening to violoncellos anymore, but maybe an electric guitar or a bass. However, never forget, it is just the violoncellos and one lone drummer.

As I finish putting the final words to another album review, Worlds Collide is playing in the background once again. I cannot help smile, what these guys have been able to create with three violoncellos and a drum never ceases to surprise me. Let men and violoncellos collide so Apocalyptica can continue to create such jewels as the ones found in their most recent album, Worlds Collide.

"I'm Not Jesus" video:

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Toppinen, Eicca: Cello
Lötjönen, Paavo: Cello
Kivilaakso, Perttu: Cello
Sirén, Mikko: Drums

Tomoyasu Hotei Guitars on "Grace"
Taylor, Corey: Vocals on "I'm not Jesus"
Kruspe, Richard Z.: Guitars on "Helden"
Lindemann, Till: Vocals on "Helden"
Lombardo, Dave: Drums on "Last Hope"
Gountier, Adam Vocals on "I Don't Care"
Levén, Mats Backing Vocals on "I Don't Care" & "S.O.S. (Anything but Love)"
Scabbia, Cristina Vocals on "S.O.S. (Anything but Love)"
Producer: Hellner, Jacob
Mixing by: Glaumann, Stefan
Mastering by: Jensen, Ted (Tracks 1-4, 6-7) & Forsbäck, Svante (Tracks 5 & 8-11)
Apocalyptica - Worlds Collide  CD  Cover Image
01. Worlds Collide
02. Grace
03. I'm Not Jesus
04. Ion
05. Helden
06. Stroke
07. Last Hope
08. I Don't Care
09. Burn
10. S.O.S. (Anything but Love)
11. Peace

Length: 48:18
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