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Foo Fighters


Hyde Park

Year: 2008
Format: DVD
Label: RCA/SonyBMG
Genre: [Rock]
Overall Rating: 7.5
Music: 7.5
Production: 7.0

Foo Fighters' gig at the famous Hyde Park, London, June 17th 2006 was quite the milestone in their career. Not only was it the biggest concert the band ever had done with regard to the size of audience, they actually sold out the 85,000 tickets just in a month. Set list of the concert could be considered one kind of "best of" collection as Foo Fighters cranks through hits such as "Best of You", "Learn to Fly", and "Monkeywrench". The highlights of the concert are Lemmy Kilmister's guest appearance on "Shake Your Blood" (which originally was a collaboration song on Grohl's Probot project) along with the rendition of "Tie Your Mother Down", on which Brian May and Roger Taylor of Queen join the stage.

Production of this release is a bit of a double-edged sword. On one hand the audio has been produced well, the vocals are distinct and there's enough clarity in the mix, while on the other hand the video quality is slightly disappointing at times. MPEG artefacting is visible and somewhat distracting - as is Grohl's habit of chewing gum while singing, but that one I'll let slide by acknowledging the band's laid-back image. The extras, or more precisely the lack of them, highlight another downside of the release. Regardless, Hyde Park is overall quite an interesting show and by all means worthwhile addition to fans' collections.

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- MAGE (October 1st, 2008)


Grohl, Dave: Vocals & Guitar
Shiflett, Chris: Guitar
Mendel, Nate : Bass
Hawkins, Taylor: Drums, vocals on "Tie Your Mother Down"

Kilmister, Lemmy: Vocals on "Shake Your Blood"
May, Brian: Guitar & Vocals on "Tie Your Mother Down"
Taylor, Roger: Drums & Vocals on "Tie Your Mother Down"
Producer: Patten, Emer
Mixing by: Raskulinecz, Nick
Mastering by: Ludwig, Bob
Foo Fighters - Hyde Park  DVD  Cover Image
01. In Your Honor
02. All My Life
03. Best of You
04. Times Like These
05. Learn to Fly
06. Breakout
07. Shake Your Blood
08. Stacked Actors
09. My Hero
10. Generator
11. DOA
12. Monkey Wrench
13. Tie Your Mother Down
14. Everlong

Length: 79:15
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