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Year: 2008
Format: CD
Label: Reprise/Warner
Genre: [Industrial Metal]
Overall Rating: 7.0
Music: 6.5
Production: 8.5

Even the brightest of stars will eventually start to lose its lustre. Admittedly I had rather high expectations regarding Disturbed's new release Indestructible, and sadly to my disappointment it doesn't quite stand in comparison to their previous album Ten Thousand Fists, which was far more diverse and intriguing to listen to. Besides few dashes of hope, songs on this album are fairly similar to one another both in style and structure. Perhaps the most disappointing detail about this record are the earthbound riffs - what once was an inventive group of musicians capable of pulling catchy hooks and enthralling melodies is now close to being a memory though the guitarwork still has its momentarily spark.

This is the first Disturbed album that is self-produced, which should translate to freedom and more creativity. Well, Haunted is somewhat experimental track with intro clocking over a minute and there's even a stillwater storytelling passage later on. However, the album turns out to be rather repetitive to listen in the long run with little that stands out. It is almost as if the band has ran out of new ideas. Lyrically the album deals with subjects varying from individualism found on Divide to one of the darkest concepts the band has ever explored - namely going through suicidal thoughts while standing by the body of a girlfriend who just killed herself.

Sonically this record is up to par, though perhaps a bit colder and clinical than their previous record. All in all, I have to admit it's quite disturbing to witness how a band releases such a moderate and somewhat lifeless follow-up to an excellent record like Ten Thousand Fists.

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- MAGE (November 24th, 2008)

"Indestructible" video:

"Inside the Fire" video:


Draiman, David: Vocals
Donegan, Dan: Guitars & Electronics
Wengren, Mike: Drums
Moyer, John: Bass
Producer: Donegan, Dan, Draiman, David & Wengren, Mike
Mixing by: Avron, Neal
Mastering by: Jensen, Ted
Disturbed - Indestructible  CD  Cover Image
01. Indestructible
02. Inside the Fire
03. Deceiver
04. The Night
05. Perfect Insanity
06. Haunted
07. Enough
08. The Curse
09. Torn
10. Criminal
11. Divide
12. Faade

Length: 49:17
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