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The Year of the Voyager

Year: 2008
Format: DVD
Label: Century Media
Genre: [Melodic Thrash Metal]
Overall Rating: 8.5
Music: 8.5
Production: 8.0

Nevermore's much anticipated DVD release finally emerges after two years' wait. Two DVDs spanning around 4 hours primarily consist of the main concert, which was recorded at the Zeche Bochum, Germany in October 11th, 2006 along with excerpts from their gigs at Gigantour, Wacken and Metal Mania Festival. In addition, a brief interview with Warrel Dane and all of the band's promotional videos have been included. The set list is a combination of band member and fan favourites showcasing a rather compelling sample of Nevermore's discography.

The 2.0 and 5.1 audio mixes have been proficiently done by Andy Sneap resulting in a sturdy yet crisp sound. The second disc, however, had varying tonal qualities and surprisingly the Final Product promotion video sounded as if it went through some strange processing making it sound rather dull. Though there's quite a lot of material packed on these two discs, I for one would have found it interesting to see some behind the scenes footage or commentary by the band members. Regardless, these are only minor details denting this fairly engaging release. Without any doubts The Year of the Voyager should please all fans of this melodic thrash metal group, and works as a great method to easen the wait for next year's studio album.

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- MAGE (December 1st, 2008)

"Narcosynthesis" video:

"The Year of the Voyager (DVD-Trailer)" video:

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Dane, Warrel: Vocals
Loomis, Jeff: Lead, Rhythmn and Acoustic Guitars
Sheppard, Jim: Bass
Williams, Van: Drums
Broderick, Chris: Guitar
Producer: Unavailable
Mixing by: Sneap, Andy
Mastering by: Unavailable
Nevermore - The Year of the Voyager  DVD  Cover Image
Main Show – Live at the Zeche Bochum, Germany,
October 11th, 2006:
01. Intro
02. Final Product
03. My Acid Words
04. What Tomorrow Knows/Garden Of Grey
05. Next in Line
06. Enemies of Reality
07. I, Voyager
08. The Politics of Ecstasy
09. The River Dragon Has Come
10. I Am the Dog
11. Dreaming Neon Black
12. Matricide
13. Dead Heart in a Dead World
14. Noumenon (from Tape)
15. Inside Four Walls
16. The Learning
17. Sentient
18. Narcosynthesis
19. The Heart Collector
20. Born
21. This Godless Endeavor

Length: 125:53

DVD 2 
Gigantour – Live at the Bell Centre, Montreal, Canada,
September 2nd, 2005:
1. Born
2. Enemies Of Reality
Metal Mania Festival – Live at the Spodek, Katowice,
Poland, March 4th, 2006:
3. Final Product
4. The Heart Collector
5. Enemies of Reality 
6. The Seven Tongues of God
Wacken – Live at the Wacken Open Air, Germany,
August 4th, 2006:
7. Final Product
8. Narcosynthesis
9. Engines of Hate
10. Born
Century Media USA 10th Anniversary Party – Live at
The Roxy, LA, September 28th, 2001:
11. Engines of Hate 
12. Beyond Within
13. Interview with Warrel Dane

Promo videos:
14. What Tomorrow Knows
15. Next in Line
16. Believe in Nothing
17. I, Voyager
18. Enemies of Reality
19. Final Product
20. Born
21. Narcosynthesis (live promo video)

22.Nevermore “The Year Of The Yoyager” trailer
23. Paradise Lost “Over The Madness” trailer
24. Strapping Young Lad “1994 – 2006 Chaos Years” trailer

Length: 116:45

Total Length: 242:38
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