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Dead Soul Tribe


The January Tree

Year: 2004
Format: CD
Label: InsideOut
Genre: [Atmospheric Progressive Metal]
Overall Rating: 9.0
Music: 8.5
Production: 9.0

So, Dead Soul Tribe's latest album, which I've been anticipating, found its way to my CD player... I was thrilled to listen this album, and fortunately Graves didn't let me down. For those who don't know, Dead Soul Tribe is the new band from Devon Graves (formerly known as Buddy Lackey of Psychotic Waltz). This is their third album and maybe the best one so far... it's hard to compare DST albums, as they all are quite good. On this album Graves has decided to go for more progressive style... The style is somewhat progressive atmospheric metal.

Songs are good and diverse... Everything from metal songs with a jungle beat drums to calm ballads are covered on this album. The use of guitars and keyboards is more innovative than before. I can't name my favourite tracks on this album as most of the songs are good in different ways. However, to name a few great songs: I really liked Why?, Wings of Faith and Lady of Rain (others are good too, but these instantly stood out). For example, the intro on Toy Rockets presents Graves' flute playing, which we all are so fond of. It's also the most regular DST song on this album. Graves' flute playing can also be heard on Just Like a Timepiece and Lady of Rain.

One of the songs on this album is familiar from Graves' first solo album 'the Strange Mind of Buddy Lackey'... Just Like a Timepiece has been re-recorded and it's better than the original. I recall reading that Graves said "the song is good, but the first record didn't do justice to it". Not many are familiar with the original, which was released in 1993 and sold out. There was a re-release of 'the Strange Mind of Buddy Lackey' some time ago...

Once again Devon Graves has kept up his progress at mixing... Sounds are felicitous and powerful. Only complaints regard the quite inaudible distortion that occurred very seldom. Other than that, first-rate production.

Overall, this album is a very good metal album. I warmly recommend it to the 'open-minded metal listeners'... This album is easier for "US Metal" fans to approach than any other DST album. By the way, Dead Soul Tribe is touring with Threshold this year. It's a great change to see two great bands in one night, so be sure to attend those gigs if you get a chance.

Release date: 30.08.2004

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- MAGE (10.08.2004)


Graves, Devon: Guitars, Flute, Keyboards, Voices, 5-string Bass
Moustafa, Adel: Drums

Live Musicians:
Kerschbaumer, Roland "Rollz": Guitar (rhythm)
Ivenz, Roland: Bass
Producer: Graves, Devon
Mixing by: Graves, Devon
Mastering by: Unavailable
Dead Soul Tribe - The January Tree  CD  Cover Image
01. Spiders And Flies
02. Sirens
03. The Love of Hate
04. Why?
05. The Coldest Days of Winter
06. Wings of Faith
07. Toy Rockets
08. Waiting For the Answer
09. Just Like a Timepiece
10. Lady of Rain
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