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Dream Evil


Gold Medal in Metal (Alive & Archive)

Year: 2008
Format: CD+DVD
Label: Century Media
Genre: [Melodic Metal]
Overall Rating: 8.5
Music: 8.5
Production: 8.5

The swedish melodic metal group Dream Evil has always had a keen eye for witty well-structured songs with a tongue-in-cheek approach to writing lyrics. The songs are simply too darn engaging for the listener not to get carried away with and their latest release shows how great they also sound on stage. Pun aside, the Gold Medal in Metal is rather impressive release consisting of DVD packed with 100 minutes of live footage, promotional videos and an interview. First of the accompanying CDs contains the same concert as seen on the DVD, while the other CD features seventeen rare tracks, including few previously unreleased studio tracks such as "Dominator" and "December 25th" among others.

Production on this release is quite good - only minor details, such as the varying of audio levels between promotional videos comes to mind. Other than that, the sounds are to the point, and band's performance throughout is as tight as ever. If you don't take your metal too seriously, and enjoy listening to catchy metal anthems be sure to save room for Dream Evil's Gold Medal in Metal. "We're going straight to the top! Gold Medal in Metal! We'll never ever give up!"

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- MAGE (December 1st, 2008)

"Fire! Battle! In Metal!" video:

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Isfeldt, Niklas: Vocals
Nordström, Fredrik: Guitars
Stålfors, Peter: Bass
Black, Mark: Guitar
Power, Pat: Drums
Producer: Unavailable
Mixing by: Unavailable
Mastering by: Unavailable
Dream Evil - Gold Medal in Metal (Alive & Archive) CD+DVD Cover Image
Gold Medal Disc – DVD
Live Maerd:
01. United 
02. Blind Evil 
03. Fire! Battle! In Metal! 
04. In Flames You Burn 
05. Crusaders' Anthem 
06. Back from the Dead 
07. Higher on Fire 
08. The Prophecy 
09. Made of Metal 
10. Heavy Metal in the Night 
11. Let Me Out 
12. The Chosen Ones 
13. The Book of Heavy Metal 
14. Chasing the Dragon 
15. Children of the Night 
Video Clips:
16. Fire! Battle! In Metal! 
17. Blind Evil 
18. The Book of Heavy Metal 
19. Children of the Night 
20. The Band's Beginning and the Inspirations...
21. The "Album by Album Commentary"...
22. Why Is There a Difference Between Dream Evil and Other
23. The New Line-up...
24. The Section Where You Ask Each Other Questions for All
25. The Next Goals for Dream Evil...
26. The Famous Last Words...
27. The Encore...

Length: 100:39

Silver Medal Disc – “Alive” CD
Audio live-album with same tracklisting
as “Live Maerd” DVD section.
(first 15 tracks)

Length: 67:00

Bronze Medal Disc – “Archive” CD
01. Dominator 
02. Fight for Metal 
03. December 25th 
04. Pain Patrol 
05. Lady of Pleasure 
06. Chapter 6 
07. Gold Medal in Metal 
08. Point of No Return 
09. The Enemy 
10. Hero of Zeroes 
11. Bringing the Metal Back 
12. Betrayed 
13. Evilized (unplugged) 
14. Dragonheart 
15. Take the World 
16. Crusader's Anthem (demo) 
17. Touring Is My Life (live)

Length: 63:36

Total Length: 231:15
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