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Elf Project



Year: 2009
Format: CD
Label: 10T Records
Genre: [Psychedelic Rock/Progressive Rock/Ambient]
Overall Rating: 7.5
Music: 7.5
Production: 8.0

Lead by multi-instrumentalist Carl Schultz, New York based Elf Project has come up with quite an astounishing debut offering titled as "Mirage". Pinpointing the musical style of this release isn't a simple task as the songs come in great variety. Regardless, the album has a strong foundation on the psychedelic and progressive rock of the 60s and 70s. Song material treads between instrumental interludes and surprisingly brief psychedelic prog tracks taking influence from a plethora of music styles. Nonetheless, this record manages to retain balance between the different elements and throughout the whole album the listener is treated with catchy riffs and lush details contributing to the flow of the record. At times harmonized vocal melodies might steal one's attention, while the very next moment driving rhythms already are taking over.

Production on this album has been handled rather well, and the balanced mix suits the songs although I would have wished for slightly warmer sounds to go along with the vintage style of Elf Project. The downside of this album is its slight repetitiveness which is mostly prominent on the instrumentals - especially on the Whisper the Memory of Old, which seems to be constructed mainly out of an atmospheric 1-minute song loop going over and over again with intermittent fade outs. As a background music it works, but on repeat listens it becomes a slight annoyance for those who enjoy more adventurous music. Overall, Mirage is a nice addition for classic psychedelic and progressive rock music fans, some of whom surely appreciate the inclusion of this group's rendition of The Beatles' Norwegian Wood (This Bird Has Flown).

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- MAGE (August, 10th 2009)


Schultz, Carl: Vocals, Bass, Synthesizers, Bass Pedals, Acoustic Twelve String,
Electric Sitar, Theremin, Slide Guitar, Guitar Solo on "Shine a Light"
Mumblo, Michael: Drums and Asssorted Percussion
Cappadozy, Mike: Electric Guitars
Kalman, Jared: Drums on "Jackhammer" and "Witchcraft"
Nemier, Jack: Guitar on "Jackhammer" and "Witchcraft"
Stark, Israel: Outro Guitar Solo on "Lessons", Guitar Solo on "Serene", Classical Guitar
on "Carolan's Welcome", Back up Vocals on "Norwegian Wood", Electric Guitars
on "Whisper the Memory of Old"
Schwartz, Bill: Back up Vocals on "Shine a Light", Tambourine on "The Go Between"
McAssey, Dan: Bridge Solo on "Lessons"
Wetra, Dave: Mellotron on "Jackhammer"
Morrison, Darcy: Flute on "Shine a Light"
Producer: Schultz, Carl
Mixing by: Schultz, Carl
Mastering by: Saba, Joe
Elf Project - Mirage  CD  Cover Image
01. Lessons
02. The Road of Change
03. Serene
04. Jackhammer
05. The Go Between
06. Witchcraft
07. Norwegian Wood
08. Carolan's Welcome
09. Shine a Light
10. Whisper the Memory of Old

Length: 42:19
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