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Covered Call


Money Never Sleeps

Year: 2009
Format: CD
Label: Blistering Records
Genre: [Rock]
Overall Rating: 7.0
Music: 7.5
Production: 6.5

As if out of the movie Boiler Room, the five guys wearing suits on the back-cover seem to have a concept going about chop shop brokerage firms. The lyrics to “All Because of Me” fit the definition of this bill to a tee.

Even if they’re virtually unknown, there is nothing dishonorable or fraudulent about what they’re doing here. The riffs in this rock are straightforward and catchy. When they pump and dump, it gets one’s attention; mainly due to the fact that good product is mixed in with the bad. You just don’t know when the most propitious prospects will come at you. “Never Again”, for instance, merits the investment. The bass in this case is reminiscent of Green Day’s Mike Dirnt.

However, some accounts may be less sensible places to park your time. Without picking on all the weak and easy targets, one is more nebbish than the others. “Anything You Want” is an unexpected ballad with an accompanying piano. The song is hokey due to forced singing. If you’ve ever seen that King of Queens’ episode called Flame Resistant, it’s like that song Doug Hefferin composed and performed for his High School girlfriend. Keep in mind, that’s a comedy and the falsetto and rhymes were intended for laughs. In like manner, the singer goes through the motions to make the sale. Subsequently, “I Wanna Be Free” is about as sketchy as paying a dollar commission on a security that’s worth a penny.

Not all transactions are inadequate. Early in the workday, “Til’ The End” and “Shine” are properly motivated and driven. “Nothing At All” is another number that does well. In it, the singing is crisp within a structure that conforms to Bon Jovi’s accepted code of conduct. Beyond that, the title track and “What About Us” move the merchandise towards the end of the shift. They almost seem like a different band when these five ditties hit the street.

Incidentally, the artwork is interesting, but out of place, as it features a man of Asian descent surrounded by Chinese characters. Unsure how this relates, but the pressed dress shirt, sweaty brow and real-time quotes, implicate themselves within the alleged business model.

Whether the music is affluent or poor, everything works as a whole. The name of the album, band, and tracks do seem to support the aforementioned money-spinning term, which supplies a certain amount of irony when you consider their incessant efforts know no bounds. In other words, they’re absolved from further censure due to their composure so long as the rest of the sketchiness is written off. Despite ups and downs in the track-listing and singing, Covered Call’s stock still has some intrinsic value left.

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- Joshua “Prawg Dawg” Turner (November, 23rd 2009)

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Rosenquist, Morgan: Guitar
Svanströmer, Ronny: Drums
Carlsson, Joel: Guitar
Vikström, Thomas: Vocals
Thulin, Thomas: Bass
Producer: Unavailable
Mixing by: Unavailable
Mastering by: Unavailable
Covered Call - Money Never Sleeps  CD  Cover Image
01. All Because of Me
02. Til’ the End
03. Shine
04. Never Again
05. Anything You Want
06. I Wanna Be Free
07. Nothing at All
08. Money Never Sleeps
09. What About Us
10. Let’s Make It Real

Length: 42:00
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