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Tabula Rasa

Year: 2009
Format: CD
Label: Blistering Records
Genre: [Heavy Metal]
Overall Rating: 8.5
Music: 8.5
Production: 8.5

2009 marked three important “new” beginnings for the Swedish Bloodbound machine. After releasing two inspiring modernized Heavy Metal mixed with several indications to the old days, Bloodbound left the Metal Heaven label and signed with their local Blistering Records. Under Blistering, the band released their third album in six years. With the new transition, and new album, Bloodbound made a few line-up changes that ,exclusively one of the roles, helped their new creation be even stronger and more convincing than their past two releases Nosferatu and its follower, Book Of The Dead.

On the first two albums, two vocalists took charge of the vocals. On the first album, Bloodbound had the talented Kristian Andren (also known from Tad Morose and Wuthering Heights). On the second release, the band brought over the all-known veteran singer Michael Bormann (also known from Letter X, Biss, Jaded Heart and Bonfire). One would think that with this kind of vocalist as Bormann, who would let him leave. However, Michael had too much stuff on his mind and Bloodbound’s leaders, Tomas Olsson and Fredrik Bergh, had to go and look for other vocalist to feel the shoes left naked.

As the Swedish scene and its neighboring scenes are so vast, it did not take too much time to find a new vocalist. The replacement was in the image of the, also veteran, Urban Breed (also known from Pyramaze, as Matt Barlow’s substitute, and Tad Morose). With this promising new vocalist at the helm, the new Tabula Rasa (From Latin – Blank Slate) is Bloodbound’s new guarantee as they came in full throttle with tons of power at their disposal.

Bloodbound’s music had not changed since their formation in 2004. Their means are the borderline between what is modern and what is old. Their material is rather easy to comprehend as they wrote cool melodic phases of sheer harmonies, lead guitar solo cuts that will blow you away, with their addictive personalities, followed by catchy like prime moments. All those made under the strong and well-maintained production (which took Bloodbound into several studios when the album was at the works).

Bloodbound’s approach is to shatter and blister the floor you are standing on. Their mallets are their scorching heavy riffage (diverse as it can be yet not that much, there are a few shortcomings when it comes to the overuse of some riffs like modernized the kick downs) while trying to introduce the listener with their touchy and softy side. Behind the chunky heaviness and grooves of modern age, you can actually feel the hearts of the composers, especially by the addition of Urban Breed that turned out to be the absolute important finding of the band. Bloodbound’s character fits Breed like a glove and if they will keep him close, he will be their man of the hour on their future musical exploration.

Another important new factor that helped Bloodbound create a wonderful atmosphere around their tunes is the addition of a new bass player. Johan Sohlberg, his addition cleared the way to one of the band’s founders and, prior to the addition, the acting bass player and key man - Fredrik Bergh, to focus primarily on being a keyboard man (and sometimes a back-up vocals).

Tabula Rasa clasps the reins of some jewels for you to enjoy. “Dominion 5” (The best track is full with great riffs and a supercharger of a chorus). “Tabula Rasa Part 1+2” (A wonderful little story inserted into the metallic sea). “Night Touches You” (This tune is why Urban Breed fit Bloodbound so well). “Master Of My Dreams” (Sounds abit too modern sometimes, yet it’s still a good track). “Twisted Kind Of Fate” (A catchy melodic scorcher made with greatness).

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- Lior “Steinmetal” Stein (April, 11th 2010)

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Breed, Urban: Vocals
Olsson, Tomas: Guitar
Olsson, Henrik: Guitar
Sohlberg, Johan: Bass
Bergh, Fredrik: Keyboards, Vocals
Åkerlind, Pelle: Drums
Producer: Bloodbound
Mixing by: Johan Örnborg
Mastering by: Johan Örnborg
Bloodbound - Tabula Rasa  CD  Cover Image
01. Sweet Dreams of Madness
02. Dominion 5
03. Take One
04. Tabula Rasa
05. Night Touches You
06. Tabula Rasa Pt. II (Nothing Left)
07. Plague Doctor
08. Master of My Dreams
09. Twisted Kind of Fate
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