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See the Thunder

Year: 2009
Format: CD
Label: Escape Music
Genre: [Glam Metal / Hard Rock]
Overall Rating: 9.0
Music: 9.0
Production: 9.0

Up until now, ever since their formation, 2009 is the year of the Italian Markonee, a group that is directly inspired by the massive front of the 80’s spirit of Hard Rock and Hair Metal. After their first album, The Spirit Of The Radio, which was released as a concept, Markonee sat down and wrote a strong, mature and intelligent material all made with the twitches and the loving heed of the best years of Hair Metal. Those years were the times where bands as Warrant, Bon Jovi, Dokken, Kiss, Ratt and Winger played to the thundering screams of thousands of loyal fans and dedicated followers.

Under the experience and command of the talented producer of the big ones as Alice Cooper, Eric Clapton, Ratt and Winger, Beau Hill made this young Italian group equal and merely the same as each and every of the mentioned American bands. With a strong and professional sound alongside the great material on display – this album turned out to be dynamite. Markonee showed the American Hard Rock / Metal scene, especially to Bon Jovi who sadly gone sour over the years, how real Hair Metal should be made and played in 00’. See The Thunder is a major entitle for the Metal world that allowed the old inspirations, that were giants in the past, to run free and spread their feel among worldwide newcomer bands. This is classic Hair Metal people, and bands with the likes of Markonee are its champions and protectors with their new brands.

See The Thunder, with its amazing entrails, holds the supernaturally of Cherry Pie, Winger, Back For Attack, Trash, Bon Jovi and Slippery Than Wet. Its songs are wonderfully flowing, mixed up with thunderous points of nostalgic moments, written with a good measure of taste and performed with downright excellence. The band’s two driving axmen (Peresson and Bevilacqua) , melodic bass killer (Frati), cool drummer (Zanotti) and first class high pitcher vocalist (Gozzi) take their Markonee into the unexplored horizons of the new age. Markonee share the great confidence that their type of music will continue to triumph for yet another decade or more.

You would notice their 80's inspirations through some crazy hitters as: “See The Thunder” (an all starring self-titled song that just screams out 80's Bon Jovi). “The Big K”, “Way To Go”, “Brand New Day”, "Cross Between The Lines” (sinkers with the heavy tones of Hair Metal, almost touching perfection in the face). “Back On Me”, “Women And Whisky” and “Shores Of Another Sea”(seemed to be based on the Pop effects on Hair Metal, a more of a Kiss mixed with bits of Blues oriented tickers). For the deep feeling, there is “Cheery Blossom” that is a very nice ballad with great AOR tingles.

The entire album of Markonee is a great display of the music that many of the grown Metalheads grew up on, however it doesn’t mean that it can’t reach out to the younger generation. See The Thunder is good release by Markonee that made their music just as it supposed to be, while trusting the classic heritage of Hair Metal.

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- Lior “Steinmetal” Stein (April, 11th 2010)

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Gozzi, Gabriele: Lead Vocals
Bevilacqua Ariosti, Carlo: Lead Guitars
Frati, Luigi: Bass, Vocals
Zanotti, Ivano: Drums
Peresson, Stefano Lead Guitars, Acoustic Guitars 6/12, Keyboards, Lead Vocals
Producer: Hill, Beau
Mixing by: Hill, Beau
Mastering by: Hill, Beau
Markonee - See the Thunder  CD  Cover Image
01. Way 2 Go
02. Women & Whisky
03. See the Thunder
04. Shores of Another Sea
05. The Big K
06. The Cross Between the Lines
07. Brand New Day
08. Back on Me
09. Cherry Blossom
10. I Belive in Father Christmas
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