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Raw Deal

Year: 2009
Format: CD / Vinyl
Label: Thunderkinights Records / High Roller Records
Genre: [Speed / Heavy Metal]
Overall Rating: 8.0
Music: 8.0
Production: 8.0

After listening to Speedtrap's material, especially their latest EP Raw Deal, one wouldn't dream that these guys are a Finnish band. Their sound, approach and textiles are very similar to North American acts of the first wave of Speed / Thrash Metal as Metallica, Exciter, Slayer and sorts. It's like barging into 1983 all over again with Kill Em' All, Haunting The Chapel and Heavy Metal Maniac (Raw Deal's cover art makes a fine tribute to this classic old album). Speedtrap turned out as a great addition to the Metal world playing Speed Metal derived from the uniqueness of NWOBHM followed by the first steps of Speed Metal constructed with minor Hard Rock indicators.

Raw Deal, as its name, is a very raw produced piece of music. It seems as if this was recorded live in a basement of some sorts, yet maybe the band wanted, exclusively, to make the impression of an older recording made in the first staging areas of the 80s. Considering their probable cause for an old recording feel, the vocals should have deserved more attention, volume wise mainly. In the past the vocalist had the dominance in the front than of the rest of the instruments.

Material wise, Speedtrap wrote some incredible riffs made with great main riffs and startling, almost Hard Rockin' lead guitar frenzy. Those riffs are energetic and easy to catch mainly because there isn’t too much technique involved. With the riffs broke in the well known drumming pace of the old Speed Metal craze and thumping of the first strides of the base drum machine. For comparison you might think if the two mentioned albums up stairs as Metallica's Kill Em' All and raw Exciter's Heavy Metal Maniac.

Other than those attributes, Speedtrap, in the future, should be more assorted on the singing rhythms because there are moments on several songs where it seems that the singing rhythm is akin to others on different tracks.

Speedtrap came to conquer the world with their vintage line of attack and they are at it since their formation in 2007. The fact that these guys are Finnish is even more exciting because Finland is not known to be a producer of old school stuff. It's more bounded by modernity. Through Speedtrap, as an example among the minority of a rather strong underground scene of Metal, they are to count on when it comes to yearning for more tunes of the old days. Raw Deal is a good memento of how to manufacture a strong Metal creation without using complex material to make it sound better.

The Raw Deal album is available through the band's label Thunderkinights Records and also, if you can get it, through High Roller Records on a vinyl version. Make you acquaintance with a speedy NWOBHM derived band that believes in the roots that started it all.

Highlights: "Heat Of Battle", "Living Sacrifice", "Warhorse", "Redemption Of Might".

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- Lior “Steinmetal” Stein (May, 5th 2010)

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Sara-Aho, Jori: Vocals
Valavuo, Ville: Guitar
Hietamies, Markus: Bass
Keränen, Miika: Drums
Producer: Unknown
Mixing by: Unknown
Mastering by: Unknown
Speedtrap - Raw Deal  CD / Vinyl Cover Image
01. Heat of the Battle
02. Hell of Thunder
03. Living Sacrifice
04. Redemption of Might
05. Warhorse
06. Cry the Raven
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