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Get Shöcked

Year: 2009
Format: CD
Label: Independent
Genre: [Heavy Metal]
Overall Rating: 6.5
Music: 6.5
Production: 6.5

To get shocked or not to get shocked, that is the question. So, how about getting the answer? Well, the phrase, “get shocked”, is not that of a well-described positive feedback to the young Eco-Shock’s debut album, Get Shocked. Actually, this album is not shocking at all; it is just regularity. The Get Shocked album shows a newcomer band from Canada that kept up the ties with Traditional Heavy Metal, while trying pursue a new future in the Metal world. If you are a bit worried about their fate, don't. Those kids' future is secure because they know how to use their influences to create solid pieces of Metal music. However a bit basic in their nature, they show promise in a way to make you trail them for their follow-up.

Get Shocked went out last year as self-released Heavy Metal piece with the mark of the old tradition. It's an old school thing on the music, attitude and production. As for the production, we are talking about a young aged band that probably did not have too many resources (financially mainly) to produce something with better quality. However, almost every starting band is in the same situation on its end, so it is understandable. By no judging their production’s value, and aside from tiny flinches on the mixing and mastering area, Eco Shock made solid start to their Metal career. Their music is Heavy Metal by the book, traditional, plain to some extent, yet with several of tasty flavors of the early to mid 80’s US and British Metal and even some of the likes of Black Sabbath.

Eco-Shock’s musical numbers on the album are divided between two singers, two of them are the guitarists of the band and both do a decent job. They almost complete each other on the high and mid to low notes when it came down to the fronting role. Besides these roles, everything else is almost downright usual as their bass and drums have several moments when they show that they got it maybe abit higher than the average on their roles.

The most interesting, and better, tracks on Get Shocked are: “Veteran” (Long live the heroes of war), “Love Child” (Maybe the closest thing to Heavy Metal / Hard Rock, a very nice song), “Metal Massacre” (A nice sign for Heavy Metal) and the darkened “Rise From The Ashes”.

Eco-Shock are a worth listener. It’s just their beginning as they will grow old and will have the chance to blast your ears. For now, find the time to peek at their first official video of their “Veteran” song and get your first impression.

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- Lior “Steinmetal” Stein (May, 5th 2010)

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Clarke, Adam: Guitar, Vocals
Nickerson, Andrew: Bass
Gracie, Jake: Drums, Keyboards
Bowlby, Lucas: Guitar, Vocals
Producer: Unknown
Mixing by: Unknown
Mastering by: Unknown
Ecö-Shöck - Get Shöcked  CD  Cover Image
01. Veteran
02. Coming Fast
03. Skies of the Past
04. Rise from the Ashes
05. The Burden
06. Metal Massacre
07. Sleepless Nights
08. Love Child
09. I'll Arrive
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