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Kandidate, The


Until We Are Outnumbered

Year: 2010
Format: CD
Label: Napalm Records
Genre: [Hardcore / Thrash Metal]
Overall Rating: 6.0
Music: 4.0
Production: 8.0

The talented vocalist Jacob Bredahl, that guy that once fronted the Death / Thrash Danish Hatesphere for almost seven years, started a side project as he was still in his former band. That scheme, back in 2005, was called The Downward Candidate and its means were modern Thrash Metal mixed with Crossover elements. Under this insignia a demo was released by the name of Distort And Confuse.

Four years after the formation of The Downward Candidate, Bredahl was already out of Hatesphere (as he was replaced by Joller Albrechtsen, who also left Hatesphere eventually). It was decided to give the beast a new name and "The Kandidate" was chosen for the new title. Under the grounds of Napalm Records, the four Danish maniacs released their debut lash out, Until We Are Outnumbered, to celebrate a new beginning. As for their Metal, The Kandidate crossed over to play a modernized style of Hardcore (even with some Punk elements) mixed with modern Thrash Metal. You can truly say that this debut is a definitely “we are not old school band”, so if you are searching for old school, whether Hardcore or Thrash, you will only find them in tiny pieces.

With their sonic aggression, The Kandidate made only a solid start to their album career. Until We Are Outnumbered is not a Thrash Metal release on its own, the band took on the grooves of Hardcore and others of its elements and made a rather modern Hardcore like release. Nothing against Hardcore of course, however, nothing here seems to throw the ears into submission. What is being displayed here has strong energies without any doubt, yet, it did not amaze that much. The music has power up beats, low tuned riffage of grooves, scream / soaring vocals that are a real helper (Bredahl found his rightful turf as he seems to be a perfect match to this kind of music). On various occasions you will be awarded with a solo or two and small lead guitar cracks. Nevertheless, besides a few songs from the list as “Enemy”, “Give Us All Hope”, “Shut ‘Em Up” and “In Hell”, those are the best of what The Kandidate has to offer on their first round. Other tunes just stroll behind as regular outputs with “nothing too much to hear here” in them.

Probably, in later years of their career, The Kandidate will make the same kind of releases, with hope that they will hit the eight ball for a somewhat wining album on their way.

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- Lior “Steinmetal” Stein (May, 5th 2010)

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Bredahl, Jacob: Vocals
Tvedebrink, Allen: Guitar
Larsen, Kasper Boye: Bass
Nik: Drums
Producer: Bredahl, Jacob
Mixing by: Unknown
Mastering by: Unknown
Kandidate, The - Until We Are Outnumbered  CD  Cover Image
01. Strength Through Diversity
02. Give Up All Hope
03. Shut 'Em Up
04. Distress and Decay
05. In Hell
06. We Conform to the Unrighteous
07. Live a Lie
08. The Kill
09. Enemy
10. Yours Truly 
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